Who are we?

We're a collective of people that has seen the future of health in action.
We're dedicated to making it reality.

We're building the ecosystem to scale healthcare's fixes.

Each of us has seen microcosms of healthcare's fixes in action and believe it's time to scale.

Health Rosetta team

The core group advancing the Health Rosetta. We deeply rely on the broader ecosystem.

Sean Schantzen

Co-Founder and President of Health Rosetta

Dave Chase

Co-Founder and CEO of Health Rosetta

Taylor Melissa

Health Rosetta cofounder, healthtech entrepreneur, and startup operations expert

Ellyn Howard

Digital Marketing & Community Specialist

Amy LeVrier

Customer Success and Implementation Lead

LynAnn Henderson

Event manager

Luciene Dos Santos

Senior Software Developer

Sarah Lebsock

Customer Success Specialist

Runako Godfrey

Chief Technology Officer

Montara Pfannenstiel

Customer Success Manager

Whitney Smith

Operations Manager

Michael Burmeister

Customer Success Manager

Experts & Advisors

A few of the key people that are the true experts and have generously given to a greater cause.
This is woefully incomplete still.(Why?)

Marilyn Bartlett

CPA, Special Projects Coordinator, State of Montana

Paul Shoemaker

Paul is a nationally prominent non-profit entrepreneur, including the founding CEO of Social Venture Partners.

Al Lewis

Author of Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, founder at Quizzify, and overall population health and wellness outcomes expert.

Damian Myers

ERISA & Self Funding Law

Jill Gordan

Provider Contracting

Ashley Gillihan

ERISA & Self Funding Law

Richard  Miller

Software Development & Operations, User Agent

Phoebe Yang

Managing Director, Rock Water Ventures, LLC

Bryce Heinbaugh

Managing Member, IEN Risk Management Consultants

Tom Emerick

Ran benefits at Walmart, BP, & Burger King. Authored Cracking Health Costs, Co-Founder of Edison Health

Scott Haas

Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services

Carl Schuessler

Managing Principal, BenefitStrategies, LLC. and Mitigate Partners, LLC.

Jim Lopez

Director of Human Resources at City of Kirkland, WA

Tim Thomas

CEO at Crystal Clear Rx, pharmacist, & deep PBM expert

Ann Mond Johnson

Former CEO of Zest, CEO/cofounder at Subimo, and deep HC consumerism expert.

Doug Aldeen, Esq.

ERISA Healthcare Attorney and General Counsel

Susan Nash

ERISA & Self Funding Law

Health Rosetta Advisors

Forward leaning benefits advisors around the country.
Zoom and click a pin to view contact info.

Health Rosetta Collaborators

Just a few of the people whose insight have built the Health Rosetta.

Ben Aiken

Lantern Health

Chris Brookfield

CIO, Salish Growth

Steve Watson

CFO/CHRO of Summit Path Group

Jonathan Bush

CEO and Co-founder at athenahealth

Bill Gates

Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Esther Dyson

Founder, HICCup/Way to Wellville

S. Claiborne Johnston

Dean, U. of Texas Dell Medical School

Eric Topol

Founder & Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Rushika Fernandopulle

Founder & CEO - Iora Health

Danny Sands, MD

Innovator and PCP at Intersection of Healthcare, Technology, and Business

Susannah Fox

Former HHS CTO

Jon Hernandez

CEO for PeakMed Colorado

Daniel Kraft

Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine

Jeanne Pinder

Founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts

Julia Hutchins

Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder at Apostrophe.

Adam Russo

Co-founder and CEO of The Phia Group, LLC

Brian Klepper

Principal at Healthcare Performance, Inc. & Worksite Health Advisors

Ron Peck

Sr. VP & General Counsel, The Phia Group LLC

Sue Siegel

CEO, GE Ventures, Licensing & Healthymagination at GE

Mason L. Reiner

Co-founder and CEO of R-Health and primary care expert.

John Torinus

Serigraph Inc. Chairman and author of The Company That Solved Health Care and The Grassroots Health Care Revolution

Eric Krieg

Founder & President Risk International Benefits Advisory

Stephen Buck

Cofounder, GoodRx

Ryan Schmid

CEO of Vera Whole Health and value-based primary care expert.

Zak Holdsworth

Co-founder & CEO at Hint Health

Dr. Brad Younggren

Chief Medical Officer at 98point6, Emergency Physician

Ed Park

Former Executive VP/COO and President of Services at athenahealth

Michael Dermer

Founder/CEO of The Dermer Group & former Chief Incentive Officer at Welltok

Garrison Bliss, MD

Physician and Owner at BlissMD

Susan Hull

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Zayna Khayat, PhD

Innovation Sherpa in Chief at REshape Health Innovation Centre

Leonard Kish

COO at YouBase

Daniel Schwartz

Nephrologist & QxMD Co-founder

Bryan Vartabedian

Director of Community Medicine at Texas Children's Hospital

Stanley Schwartz, MD

President and CEO WellOK

Vikas Saini, MD

President/CEO, Lown Institute

Shannon Brownlee, Msc

Senior Vice President, Lown Institute

Hugo Campos

White House Champion of Change for Precision Medicine

Gilles Frydman

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Patients

Jan Oldenburg

Principal at Participatory Health

Rob Lamberts, MD

Direct primary care pioneer and innovator

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Founder & CEO, Psych Central.com

Swatee Surve

Litesprite Founder & CEO

Tara Conger

VP, Human Resources at Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Kate Adamick

Co-founder of Cook for America and Author

Dr. Tom Ferguson

Pioneering physician, author, and researcher

Mitch Rothschild

Executive Chairman, Founder, Vitals

John Wilbanks

Chief Commons Officer at Sage Bionetworks

Lygeia Ricciardi

President, Clear Voice Consulting, LLC

Tamara St. Claire

Managing Director, Healthcare Provider Solutions at Xerox

Adrian Gropper, MD

CTO Patient Privacy Rights

Open Notes Team

Sharing healthcare notes to make the world a better place.

Ben Heywood

Co-Founder, President, & Chief Privacy Officer PatientsLikeMe

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