The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call

Health Care is Stealing the American Dream. Here’s How We Take it Back.

A Citizen Leader’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding Hope, Health, & Well-being in Our Communities

The opioid crisis is not an anomaly.

Rather, the largest public health crisis in 100 years is a self-inflicted wound driven by a catastrophically dysfunctional health care system. Fortunately, upstream antidotes have been created and proven by forward-looking citizen leaders and employers.

It’s time to apply these solutions everywhere in the country to stop the crisis in its tracks —which will go a long way toward solving the larger disaster that is our health care system.

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What the The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call provides.

This book uncovers the upstream, systemic fixes designed to stop the crisis at its source. As you read this, countless people are leaving clinics and hospitals with over 30-day supplies of opioids for lower back pain, asymptomatic wisdom teeth removal, and other inappropriate uses with little evidence.
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Opioid Crisis Isn’t an Anomaly
  • Chapter 2: America Has Gone to War for Far Less
  • Case Study: Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools
  • Chapter 3: Health Care Costs are Flat Despite What You Have Heard
  • Chapter 4: What You Don’t Know About the Pressures and Constraints Facing Insurance Executives Costs You Dearly
  • Chapter 5: Health Care is Stealing Millennials’ Future – But They Will Take it Back
  • Case Study: Rosen Hotels & Resorts
  • Chapter 6: 7 Tricks Used to Redistribute Money From Your Organization to the Health Care Industry
  • Chapter 7: PPO Networks Deliver Value—and Other Flawed Assumptions That Crush Your Budget
  • Case Study: City of Milwaukee
  • Chapter 8: Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think
  • Chapter 9: Are Workplace Wellness Programs Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Chapter 10: You Run a Health Care Business Whether You Like It or Not.
  • Chapter 11: How to Pick a Benefits Consultant
  • Case Study: Langdale Industries
  • Chapter 12: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Benefits Professionals
  • Chapter 13: Centers of Excellence Offer a Golden Opportunity
  • Chapter 14: Independent Claims Administrators vs. Insurance Company Claims Administrators –The Trade-Offs
  • Chapter 15: The Future of Health Will Be Local, Open, and Independent
  • Chapter 16: Health 3.0 Vision and Implications for Providers & Government
  • Chapter 17: Economic Development 3.0: Communities Take Center Stage
  • Chapter 18: Mayors Must Lead Cities Out of the Opioid Crisis
  • Chapter 19: Making Sure Opioid Mitigation Plans Mitigate the Right Things
  • Chapter 20: Value-based Primary Care
  • Chapter 21: Transparent Medical Market
  • Case Study: Enovation Controls
  • Chapter 22: Concierge-Style Employee Customer Service
  • Chapter 23: High-Value, Transparent TPA
  • Chapter 24: Transparent Pharmacy Benefits
  • Chapter 25: “ERISA Fiduciary Risk is the Largest Undisclosed Risk I’ve Seen in My Career”
  • Appendix A: Evidence-Based Services for People with Opiod Use Disorder
  • Appendix B: Status Quo Benefits vs. Health Rosetta Type Benefits
  • Appendix C: A Practical Handbook for Systems Change - August 2017
  • Appendix D: Client Notice, Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights, and Code of Conduct
  • Appendix E: Sample Compensation Disclosure Form
  • Appendix F: Health Rosetta Principles

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