Dave Chase

Health Rosetta Team

Co-Founder and CEO of Health Rosetta

Dave is a co-founder and CEO of Health Rosetta.

Chase leads the mission for Health Rosetta which is to empower community-owned health plans (COHPs) with the vision of COHPs everywhere. Health Rosetta’s purpose is creating and re-investing the Health Rosetta Dividend (i.e., redeploying the currently wasted $1.5 trillion in healthcare to a higher & better use — the social determinants of health such as income, better food, etc.).

Health Rosetta transforms health plans from the #1 driver of debt, poverty & bankruptcy to drivers of well-being and wealth.

IMPACT: Health Rosetta ends the 30-year heist of stolen income from the working middle class. Health Rosetta plans have restored the American Dream for 10’s of thousands of people giving them raises/bonuses and healthcare they can access without fear of bankruptcy. Individuals that had sky high deductibles & co-pays no longer have that as a barrier (typically they are $0). School districts that once couldn’t give teachers raises or had to have school levies to pay for music, art and sports programs, now have the funds (due to healthcare savings) to pay teachers more, have bigger class sizes, avoid cutting extracurricular programs and more…all while giving teachers much better care outcomes.

Through best-selling books, writing for various media outlets, TED talk and TV/film have reached over 10 million people with the goal of engaging, equipping and empowering a broad grassroots movement designed to restore hope, health & well-being to our communities. Chase received the Health Value Awards’ Lifetime Achievement for Health Benefits Innovation at the World Health Care Congress.

Prior to Health Rosetta, Chase co-founded Avado which was acquired by & integrated into WebMD/Medscape, founded Microsoft’s 28,000 partner, $30B healthcare ecosystem and was a consultant with Accenture’s healthcare practice.