Health Rosetta Advisor Program

Critical expertise, credibility, and community for 21st century benefits.

Why become a Health Rosetta Advisor?

Show high-performance benefits leadership.
Arm yourself to build the future of benefits.


Learn from others, share learning, and help rise the tide that raises all ships.


Peer-to-peer learning, real-life best practices, access key resources, while implementing components.


For mission-aligned people we accept, we help grow their business on all fronts.

With rapidly rising costs, finding innovative, yet proven, ways to sustainably lower costs is necessary. The Health Rosetta helps make this possible by aggregating successful approaches from the best purchasers everywhere.

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Tara Conger VP, Human Resources Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Advisor Program acceptance is by application or invite. Read on to learn more and apply. Our next cohort application process will begin Spring 2021.

Program Intro

A unique experience, community, and differentiation.
Focused on implementing Health Rosetta components at real clients.

Licensed Producers

For independent producers to build expertise and stand out in the market.

Licensed Consultants

For those with licenses that permit direct representation of employers.

License types and landscapes vary by state, so if you're not sure which fits you, we'll help after you apply.

Get notified about next cohort

Stay at the front of the market

Our Advisor Program sets you apart today and 10 years from now.

Uniquely deep relationships

Our Advisor Program connects you with each other, top experts, and others from across healthcare, technology, and beyond.

Shape the future

Have outsized impact in helping shape the future of healthcare.

We’d like everyone to join us on this journey, based on where you’re at in your journey we have put together tiers within our program. Think of it as LEED for purchasing high-performance health benefits. Below are the various benefits and requirements for each.

Advisor Program Fees & Requirements


$2,995 - Initial Program & First Year

$1,495 - Annual Program Renewal


Monthly Education Module: 1 hour / month

Program Education course: 10+ hours education and test completion

Community Participation

Varies. We host two in-person Advisor Summits per year. Outside of that, ~2-4 hours per month on average.


Adhere to Health Rosetta Code of Conduct and Bill of Rights

Report client results annually

Transparency Requirements Details

Build substantive differentiation and deeper client loyalty

This is signed by every Health Rosetta Advisor. It sets the baseline for Health Rosetta expectations. Health Rosetta Advisors agree to:

  • Complete and sign a Compensation Disclosure Agreement with all clients 60 days before renewal or at time of initial contract
  • Have each client sign the Health Rosetta Client Notice Form 60 days before renewal or at time of initial contract
  • Adhere to Health Rosetta costs and outcome measurement best practices
  • Adhere to Health Rosetta Advisor Code of Conduct
  • Advance the Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights
  • Complete 3-5 year strategic benefits plans with each client
  • Submit reporting packet for each client

Complete, meaningful disclosure of financial and non-financial incentives is the foundation for trusted, long-term relationships with clients. This form lets Health Rosetta Advisors differentiate themselves to win new clients and retain existing clients.

Cost and outcome data used in the industry is often statistically invalid, directionally misleading, and generally confusing to clients. Only using vendors that have real, valid ROI and internal reporting on data is a critical piece to sustainably lowering costs and improving outcomes.

Advisor Education Topics

We focus on the foundational principles, broad strategies, specific tactics, and vetted solutions that drive the greatest sustainable cost savings and improved health outcomes.
  • Value-based primary care
  • Benefits concierge services
  • Active ERISA plan management
  • Transparent medical markets
  • Payment integrity
  • Transparent pharmacy benefits
  • Major specialty areas
  • High-cost patient management
  • ERISA fiduciary roles
  • Onsite/near-site clinics
  • Reference based pricing
  • Bundled care
  • Centers of excellence models
  • Change management
  • Vetted vendors
  • Enabling technologies
  • Case studies
  • Transparency tools
  • Topical experts
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Data proficiency

Application process

We use this to manage the immense interest, our high standards, and overall impact goals.

1. Review the requirements

The Health Rosetta Advisor Program isn't for everyone. If you're not ready or willing, lack time, or don't have support from your organization, it may be best to start by joining the ecosystem.

2. Complete the application

The initial application takes 20-30 minutes to complete. It helps us get to know you and your experience, organization, expertise, and goals to ensure there is a good fit. Once completed, you will recieve access to the next phase of the application which includes a more extensive dive into an education course, testing, and case study scenarios. Get started.

3. Interviews & additional details

After review of application materials, we will extend invitations to the next selection round, which includes a short interview.

4. Invitations

Once we’ve accepted you into a cohort, we'll invite you to sign Health Rosetta Advisor Program documents and complete payment to begin the onboarding process.

Program schedule

The schedule is built to run parallel to decision-making timelines for 2020 benefits.

Cohort selection and kickoff

Once a cohort application period has closed, we review applications, send invitations, and finalize cohorts from May through September.

Education, Community, and Growth

Education sessions - Monthly, on-demand webinars/courses covering introductions to foundational Health Rosetta components and high-performance strategies & tactics.

Community participation - Participants have access to the advisor community and resources throughout the program and as long as they keep their Advisor Program status valid.

Client and component selection - During the first 12 months, we'll work with each advisor to select at least one component to implement with at least one client. This will be a tailored process for each advisor.

Membership Advancement

When an advisor is ready to move from Associate Advisor to Accredited they can complete the requirements to qualify for advancement.

Advisor Program FAQ

We're working on this, but it may not happen until 2021. It's a pretty complex state-by-state issue, so we're being patient before we tackle this.

The program is ongoing as it's part community and part education. The amount of time will vary by month and membership level, but we expect most people to spend enough time to complete the requirements for their membership level or to be advancing to the next level in the advisor programs.

Remember, some of this time is working together on implementation at a client, so it's time you'd likely be spending anyways.

Primarily virtual, also dependent on your accreditation level. We have some in-person events paired with other industry events throughout the year, but this varies based on advisor cohort, geography and preferences.

There's no requirement for accreditation. In fact, some strategies work better with smaller clients.

However, there are fewer strategies that work for fully-insured employers and even fewer that work for groups under 50. If you have questions on whether accreditation is a good fit, contact us and we can help provide some guidance.

Life happens. We've been there. You can defer your spot one year and we'll pro-rate your subsequent year tuition based on when you drop out.

Once you become an Associate Advisor or above we'll provide you with all the files and guidelines for using Health Rosetta logos and other resources.

We'll have ongoing member and accreditation maintenance requirements to ensure you keep up to date and advancing. You'll always have access to the member or accredited advisor platform that has education materials, solutions, case studies, and data.

Nope. You do need a broad enough base of expertise to lead the plan design and purchase process.

If you're a subject matter consultant (e.g. just focus on pharmacy benefits), we'll be launching programs for you in the future.

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