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To show our thanks for everyone that has supported the Health Rosetta, we're giving free digital copies of Dave Chase’s 2017 best seller The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream, The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call, and his latest release Relocalizing Health

Relocalizing Health: The Future of Health Care is Local, Open and Independent.

Relocalizing Health begins with an outline for the future of health that is predicated on a health care system that is local, open and independent. The contours of this success have already been proven. Now it is time to expand on these achievements. The book provides an explanation of not only how much money spent on health care is wasted (over $1 trillion), but how it has devastated public health and stolen away resilience from families and communities all across the United States making us much more vulnerable to the impacts of Covid-19. The book details how money better spent on education, primary care, and public health that build up communities is what we deserve given the talent and treasure invested in health.

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Exec Summary (PDF)

Exec Summary (Audio)

A Citizen Leader’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding Hope, Health, & Well-being in Our Communities

The opioid crisis is not an anomaly.

Rather, the largest public health crisis in 100 years is a self-inficted wound driven by a catastrophically dysfunctional health care system. Fortunately, upstream antidotes have been created and proven by forward-looking citizen leaders and employers.

It’s time to apply these solutions everywhere in the country to stop the crisis in its tracks —which will go a long way toward solving the larger disaster that is our health care system.

Full Book (PDF)

Help drive adoption of the Health Rosetta

The CEO's Guide is based on the Health Rosetta blueprint for changing the way we purchase healthcare services.

Adopting the Health Rosetta grows the markets for next-gen care delivery, benefits, and payment models that both reduce waste and improve care.

Full Book (PDF)

Exec Summary

I've been inspired and motivated by the people and organizations who have fixed healthcare. I hope you read the books to hear their amazing stories of restoring the American Dream one community at a time and how this is growing like wildfire. We all know the solution to our wildly underperforming healthcare system won't come from DC.

Join us to restore and strengthen your community, whether you're a business or union leader, PTA member, clinician or all of us who have a stake in strengthening communities by a renewed approach to health.

Dave Chase Health Rosetta Cofounder and Creator

As we've built the Health Rosetta ecosystem, I've seen the incredible results that come from adopting it's components. I truly believe that everyone who buys healthcare benefits or is concerned for our country's future should read the CEO's Guide.

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Sean Schantzen Health Rosetta Cofounder

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Praise for the CEO's Guide to Restoring the American Dream. & The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call

The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call

This is a must-read for any business leader tasked with providing high-quality healthcare to employees. Chase delivers a compelling account of what we've been doing wrong with benefits purchasing, and how we the people, not Washington elites, can solve the opioid crisis.

Steve Forbes Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

Dave Chase diagnoses the dangerous and expensive shortcomings of our health care system and inspires us to create a more transparent and accountable one. Using the evolution of the opioid crisis to demonstrate how US healthcare has failed on multiple fronts, Dave illustrates the cornerstones of reform: value-based payment, accessible, comprehensive primary care, employer/provider/community partnerships, and available, relevant data. The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call should be required reading for anyone working to engineer a better US health care system.

David Lansky, PhD President and chief executive officer of the Pacific Business Group on Health

A fresh perspective from one the one of the most brilliant minds in health care. Chase is not beholden to any of the [industry's] giant stakeholders. The result is a uniquely honest and novel conversation about what’s best for America.

Marty Makary Johns Hopkins Surgeon & NYT Bestselling Author of Unaccountable

CEO's Guide to Restoring
The American Dream

The book is packed with wisdom you can’t find elsewhere but also a nice, light style that makes it addictive. There is so much in this book that is hidden behind the many layers of obfuscation characterizing our healthcare system. As a group trying to create and then disseminate new models of care that improve outcomes and lower costs, we are continuously running into hidden barriers with insurers and also un-empowered healthcare purchasers. This book has the practical prescription for moving it all forward. I’m making it required reading at Dell Med and recommending it for our many partners.

S. Claiborne "Clay" Johnston Dean, Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

One of the top ten healthcare books of all time, and #1 for delivering practical advice.

Photo by Bryce Vickmark for Workforce Magazine 9/23/13 - Al Lewis of Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc at his home office in Newton, MA.
Al Lewis Father of disease management & CEO at Quizzify

Dave Chase has an industry-unique ability to identify the challenges facing our health care system in a manner that the ever-expanding and frustrated masses can quickly understand. What truly distinguishes Dave’s effort is not the failures he identifies, but the thought-provoking and tested solutions he presents coupled with his willingness to challenge payers, providers and consumers alike to demand a more-rewarding health care system.

Tommy Thompson Former Wisconsin Governor & United States Secretary of Health & Human Services

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What the The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call provides.

The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call is the next edition of the CEO's Guide, with some over-lapping content, substantial new content, a different framing and a much broader target audience.
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • A Note on Reading This Book
  • Chapter 1: The Opioid Crisis Isn’t an Anomaly
  • Chapter 2: So How Did We Get Here
  • Chapter 3: America Has Gone to War for Far Less
  • Case Study: Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools
  • Chapter 4: Health Care Costs are Flat Despite What You Have Heard
  • Chapter 5: What You Don’t Know About the Pressures and Constraints
    Facing Insurance Executives Costs You Dearly
  • Chapter 6: Health Care is Stealing Millennials’ Future – But They Will Take it Back
  • Case Study: Rosen Hotels & Resorts
  • Chapter 7: 7 Tricks Used to Redistribute Money From Your Organization to the Health Care Industry
  • Chapter 8: PPO Networks Deliver Value—and Other Flawed Assumptions That Crush Your Budget
  • Case Study: City of Milwaukee
  • Chapter 9: Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think
  • Chapter 10: Are Workplace Wellness Programs Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Chapter 11: You Run a Health Care Business Whether You Like It or Not.
  • Chapter 12: How to Pick a Benefits Consultant
  • Case Study: Langdale Industries
  • Chapter 13: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Benefits Professionals
  • Chapter 14: Centers of Excellence Are a Golden Opportunity
  • Chapter 15: Independent Claims Administrators vs. Insurance Company Claims Administrators –The Trade-Offs
  • Chapter 16: The Future of Health Will Be Local, Open, and Independent
  • Chapter 17: Health 3.0 Vision and Implications for Providers & Government
  • Chapter 18: Economic Development 3.0: Communities Take Center Stage
  • Chapter 19: Mayors Must Lead Cities Out of the Opioid Crisis
  • Case Study: Rural county goes from highest to lowest rate of opioid deaths in two years
  • Chapter 20: Making Sure Opioid Mitigation Plans Mitigate the Right Things
  • Chapter 21: Value-based Primary Care
  • Chapter 22: Transparent Medical Market
  • Case Study: Enovation Controls
  • Chapter 23: Concierge-Style Employee Customer Service
  • Chapter 24: High-Value, Transparent TPA
  • Chapter 25: Transparent Pharmacy Benefits
  • Chapter 26: “ERISA Fiduciary Risk is the Largest Undisclosed Risk I’ve Seen in My Career”
  • Appendix A: Evidence-Based Services for People with Opioid Use Disorder
  • Appendix B: Status Quo Benefits vs. Health Rosetta Type Benefits
  • Appendix C: A Practical Handbook for Systems Change
  • Appendix D: Client Notice, Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights, and Code of Conduct
  • Appendix E: Sample Compensation Disclosure Form
  • Appendix F: Health Rosetta Principles
  • Appendix G: Why Doctors are Running Out of Empathy
  • Appendix H: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase Can Lead Employer Solution to Opioid Crisis on the Journey to Larger Health Care Reinvention
  • Appendix I: Decoding a fully insured renewal
  • Appendix J: Benefits Options for Small Businesses and Sole Proprietors

What the CEO's Guide provides.

A practical, step-by-step intro to create change in your organization.

It gives anyone responsible for health benefits, financial performance, or caring for employees the practical blueprint for success and the insight to ensure change is successfully implemented.
  • Acknowledgements & Author’s Note
  • Foreword
  • A Note From a Fellow Traveler
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: American Has Gone to War for Much Less
  • Case Study: Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools
  • Chapter 2: Health Care Prices: Hyperinflation—or Flat?
  • Chapter 3: What You Don’t Know about The Pressures and Constraints Facing Insurance Executives Costs You Dearly
  • Chapter 4: Millennials Will Revolutionize Health Benefits
  • Case Study: Rosen Hotels & Resorts
  • Chapter 5: 7 Tricks Used to Redistribute Profits From Your Organization to the Health Care Industry
  • Chapter 6: PPO Networks Deliver Value—And Other Flawed Assumptions Crushing Your Bottom Line
  • Case Study: City of Milwaukee
  • Chapter 7: Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think
  • Chapter 8: Are Workplace Wellness Programs Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Chapter 9: You Run a Health Care Business Whether You Like It or Not. Here’s How to Make It Thrive.
  • Chapter 10: How (And How Not) to Pick a Benefits Consultant
  • Case Study: Langdale Industries
  • Chapter 11: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Benefits Professionals
  • Chapter 12: Centers of Excellence Are a Golden Opportunity
  • Chapter 13: ASO vs. TPA – What They Mean for You
  • Chapter 14: Value-based Primary Care
  • Chapter 15: Transparent Medical Market
  • Case Study: Enovation Controls
  • Chapter 16: Concierge-Style Employee Customer Service
  • Chapter 17: High-Value, Transparent TPA
  • Chapter 18: ERISA Sample Plan Document Checklist
  • Appendix A: 5 Steps to Start Implementing High-Performance Benefits
  • Appendix B: Detailed Case Studies on the Failures of Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Appendix C: Sample Broker Compensation Disclosure Form
  • Appendix D: Health Rosetta Principles
  • Appendix E: Health 3.0 Vision
  • Appendix F: Health 3.0 Vision: Implications for Providers, Government and Startups

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