Health Rosetta Benefits Advisor Certification

Critical expertise, credibility, and community for 21st century benefits advisors.

Why get certified?

Show leadership in driving adoption of high-performance benefits.
Arm yourself or your organization to challenge the status quo.


Join the most forward-leaning community driving adoption of high-performance benefits.


Build real differentiation and value. Help clients sustainably reduce spend, while improving quality.


Show the market your commitment to building expertise to put client interests first.

Certification is by application or invite. Read on to learn more and apply.
Certification helps you serve your clients

With rapidly rising costs, finding innovative, yet proven, ways to sustainably lower costs is necessary. The Health Rosetta helps make this possible by aggregating successful approaches from the best purchasers everywhere.

Tara Conger Headshot 250×250
Tara Conger VP, Human Resources Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Benefits of certification

Community + Expertise + Support + Experience

A like-minded community

Don't fight the good fight alone. Certified advisors learn from each other and other experts, share learning, and help raise the tide that raises all ships.

Practical education

Certification is built on real-life, already-implemented best practices, not academic theory. We even require advisors to implement at least one foundational component at a client to get certified.

Focused on client interests

We focus on what's truly best for clients, enabling you to build deep loyalty. It's why we have a code of conduct, require annual reporting, and shun unsustainable tricks.

Client protection

Certification helps your clients protect themselves by getting ahead of emerging ERISA liability and corporate governance requirements.

Top-notch support

We're constantly scouring the landscape for the best strategies, tactics, tools, solutions, and people, keeping you at the forefront of the market.

Differentiation that matters

Because we hold certified advisors to high expectations and arm them with deep resoruces, they truly stand out from the status quo.

An ever-growing toolbox

We're going to build more certifications, datasets & benchmarks, on-demand educational resources, webinars, and other resources to keep you at the top of your game.

Business development resources

We're surfacing forward-leaning purchasers, launching market education campaigns, advisor directories, and more.

We're not your marketing firm though, so don't get certified just for this. We can smell too much self-interest.

Intro to the 2017 program

A unique experience. Focused on implementing Health Rosetta components at real clients.

Two distinct, limited capacity tracks built to fit all types of individuals and organizations.

Developed expertise

For those with significant experience implementing high-performance health benefits.

Cement your position nationally as one of the foremost experts in high-performance benefits.

Emerging expertise

For those with significant motivation, but modest experience implementing high-performance health benefits.

Build expertise, relationships, and experience to implement high-performance benefits.

The primary requirements for the Health Rosetta benefits consultant certification include:

  1. Implement at least one Health Rosetta component at one client during the program
  2. Complete all course materials either live or on-demand
  3. Pass the final certification test
  4. Agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct
  5. Agree to submit high level, anonymized data on clients where you implement Health Rosetta components or other high-performance benefits. Such data will generally be top line metrics related to cost reductions, numbers of lives impacted, etc.
  6. Agree to contribute to learnings, solutions, data, and other valuable additions to the Health Rosetta ecosystem

We expect the requirements to change over time to accommodate industry changes. We also expect additional requirements for experience-based certification tiers we plan to launch in future years.

Organization certifications have additional requirements that vary by organization size and type.

Why participate in the inaugural program?

Show the world you've been leading the charge from day one.

Charter status. Forever.

Everyone that completes the program will receive charter certified advisor status that you'll retain so long as you remain certified, setting you apart today and 10 years from now.

Uniquely deep relationships

Participating in the first year lets you build deeper relationships with each other, our team, and top experts from across healthcare, technology, and elsewhere.

Shape the future

We'll evolve the benefits advisor certification and launch other certifications over time. Charter advisors will have the ability to help shape the future through their expertise and commitment.

Certification not right for you?

Become a Health Rosetta ecosystem member. For anyone that wants to connect, learn, and advance high-performance benefits, care, and payment.

Who we are

Leading experts from across healthcare, benefits, and beyond.

Just a few of the people contributing to the program.

I created the Health Rosetta to provide the blueprint for reducing costs and improving outcomes by aggregating the best of what works. The Benefits Advisor certification is the path to success.

Dave Chase CEO & Cofounder Health Rosetta Institute

My certification has already won me a new client this year! The Health Rosetta is the best framework I've found for implementing truly valuable, sustainable changes that reduce costs and improve outcomes. It allows me to deliver the real, measurable results my clients have been desperately seeking.

David Contorno President Lake Norman Benefits

With ever increasing pharmacy spend, especially for specialty drugs, the Health Rosetta certification provides advisors with the tools they need to tackle this rapidly emerging issue.

Tim Thomas President & CEO CrystalClearRx

With 6-8% of patients responsible for 80% of costs, there's no way to control costs without tackIing outlier cases. Health Rosetta approaches to this are based on what I've personally implemented and seen work across my career.

Tom Emerick Former Head of Benefits at Walmart, BP, & Burger King Emerick Consulting

I see the certification as a potentially critical stamp of approval. It would attest that a certified advisor understands and is committed to helping employers identify, vet and deploy sustainable health care solutions that can measurably lower their costs and improve quality.

Brian Klepper Former CEO of National Business Coalition on Health Worksite Health Advisors

The Health Rosetta has not only made me better, but it has made everything simple for my clients to implement long-term, sustainable improvements to their health plan while simultaneously improving the benefits for their employees.

Jim Millaway
Jim Millaway CEO, The Zero Card & Senior Benefits Consultant, HUB International The Zero Card

Who else has contributed?

The Health Rosetta is crowdsourced from leading experts in healthcare, payment, and beyond. This has let us build a unique, systematic approach to driving change and a powerful support ecosystem. Many will be directly or indirectly involved in the certification program.

Certification topics

We focus on the foundational principles, broad strategies, specific tactics, and vetted solutions that drive the greatest sustainable cost savings and improved health outcomes.
  • Value-based primary care
  • Benefits concierge services
  • Active ERISA plan management
  • Transparent medical markets
  • Payment integrity
  • Transparent pharmacy benefits
  • Major specialty areas
  • High-cost patient management
  • ERISA fiduciary roles
  • Onsite/near-site clinics
  • Reference based pricing
  • Bundled care
  • Centers of excellence models
  • Change management
  • Vetted vendors
  • Enabling technologies
  • Case studies
  • Transparency tools
  • Topical experts
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Data proficiency

Apply for the 2017 program

For individuals and organizations.

Still have questions?

View the program details, then contact us if you don't find the answer.