Relocalizing Health

The Future of Health Care is Local, Open and Independent.

The roadmap for communities, large and small, to restore hope, health and well-being

Relocalizing Health begins with an outline for the future of health that is predicated on a health care system that is local, open and independent. The contours of this success have already been proven. Now it is time to expand on these achievements. The book provides an explanation of not only how much money spent on health care is wasted (over $1 trillion), but how it has devastated public health and stolen away resilience from families and communities all across the United States making us much more vulnerable to the impacts of Covid-19. The book details how money better spent on education, primary care, and public health that build up communities is what we deserve given the talent and treasure invested in health.

Author, Dave Chase, believes it’s time for the community members to take back control, and that change always happens through grassroots movements. In fact, it’s already happening. The book calls community leaders to join the growing movement. For these movements to be successful, there are concrete steps – included in Chase’s books. Put simply, public and private sector employers and unions must take these steps to stop perpetuating the current system. Using case studies of wise health care purchasers who’ve implemented these changes, plus insight from select health care leaders, Chase’s book is an expert guide on how to bring health back to where it should be – rooted in communities.

Health doesn’t start in a pill or a hospital. It starts at home. With parents. With neighborhoods. With workplaces. With communities.

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What people are saying

Early praise for
Relocalizing Health: The Future of Health Care is Local, Open and Independent.

In Relocalizing Health, Chase's deep passion and moral conviction is combined with his broad business experience in health care and technology. It's rare to have created and broadly disseminated a blueprint for the business structure of health care that is appreciated equally across the political spectrum. Relocalizing Health highlights proven solutions to the many problems I outlined in The Price We Pay. Chase is no starry-eyed dreamer. His practical roadmap brings hope where many have understandably felt defeated by a health care system systematically crushing the American Dream.

Marty Makary M.D. Johns Hopkins professor and N.Y.Times Bestselling author of The Price We Pay

Relocalizing Health exposes the secret superpower of health care: the best product also saves the most money. I spent most of my career in government, buying into the dreary, doomsday notion that the only way to save taxpayers from the crushing, spiraling debt caused by our unfunded health care liabilities was to cut benefits at patients’ expense. Imagine the joy of discovering the Health Rosetta revolution, upending conventional wisdom and inspiring employers and policy makers across the fruited plain. Relocalizing Health delivers these learnings in tangible, replicable detail, extending a hand of invitation to join the movement and make health care human again. Better health outcomes for 20-40% less cost. What’s not to like about that?

Katy Talento
Katy Talento Former White House Health Policy Advisor

While others traffic in theory and big talk, Relocalizing Health reflects Chase's decade-long dive into what is actually working in health care in virtually every corner of the country. As we've demonstrated at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, great health care doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, when you remove unnecessary middlemen and administrative bloat, it's downright affordable. By providing a roadmap based on a deep track record, all it takes is will to rebuild a system we can all be proud of. By now, we should realize the cavalry isn't coming from DC to fix health care. It's on you and me. Let's get going!

Keith Smith
Keith Smith, MD CEO Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Dave Chase has written another book that should send shock waves into the foundations of America’s low functioning, financially devastating, high invasion, opaque health care universe. This book is the pinnacle of his work, delving deeply into the root causes of American health care dysfunction and presenting a detailed action plan that will deliver the changes we all want to see. Take a guided tour into a world of empowered consumers, vastly reduced bureaucracy, seriously lower healthcare costs, happier doctors and thriving patients.

Garrison Bliss
Garrison Bliss, MD Inventor of Direct Primary Care

Relocalizing Health contrasts with the many healthcare-related books that are long on outlining problems and short on solutions. One leaves hopeful after reading Chase's book as he draws on proven approaches to spending 20-50% less on health benefits while providing superior health plans. Chase conveys a passion towards solving the issue for working and middle class Americans who have seen 20 years of wage gains go in the pockets of Wall Street crushing the American Dream in the process. Whether it's a large school district consortium right here in the Pittsburgh area or a small manufacturer in Oklahoma, there isn't an employer who wouldn't benefit from reading this book.

Coming out of Covid, Relocalizing Health, provides the hope and roadmap for how communities will recover better and stronger. It's more clear than ever that the hospital structure of the last few decades won't enable our communities to maximize their health and well-being.

Shawn Strash
Shawn Strash Former CEO of 21 hospitals

The idea of employers working directly with community providers to create a more sustainable and meaningful healthcare experience is beyond logical! It's extremely energizing that the movement towards community-owned health plans is gaining momentum. For too long we have abdicated responsibility and control to the motives of Wall Street and Dave Chase is offering a pathway toward more equitable healthcare for our communities!

Speaking for our national specialty physician network whose membership includes many of the largest orthopaedic practices in the country, Relocalizing Health gives long overdue insight regarding the importance of independent medical practices. For too long, top down "solutions" have failed patients and the clinicians who care for them. Readers will be encouraged by the grassroots momentum that is reinventing health care delivery and payment from the ground up. We aren't waiting for the cavalry to come from DC to fix health care and you shouldn't be either. The solutions are there.

Glenn Sumner
Glenn Sumner CEO The OrthoForum

What Relocalizing Health provides.

A practical, step-by-step intro to restore the American Dreambuilt on the real-life examples and successes of leading communities whether those communities are an employer, union or place-based.
  • Local
  • Open
  • Independent
  • Post-Political
  • The Original Sin
  • ‘Buy Local’ Programs Will Reinvigorate Communities
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Health Care’s Hyperinflation Is Breaking U.S. Schools
  • A Local Case Study
  • Teacher Unions
  • Must Step Around to the Other Side of the Table
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Additional Background and Resources
  • The Post-Copernican View
  • Taxation Without Representation
  • Closing a Hospital Opens Other Doors
  • Rethinking Economic Development
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Becky and Her Biggest Expense
  • Millennials to the Rescue
  • Health Care Priorities: Cost and Convenience
  • New Benefits Choices for Smart Communities
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • A Weight Around Employers’ Necks
  • It’s Not Just Opioids
  • The Path Forward
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • The Annual Benefits Kabuki Dance
  • Health Care Costs Are Flat Despite What You Have
  • ClearHealthCosts Research
  • What’s Happening Behind the Scenes
  • Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think
  • Health Insurance Carriers Are Acting Rationally
  • The Data Problem
  • Connecting the Data Points
  • Fraud and Abuse Enable the Opioid Crisis
  • A Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Use Your Bully Pulpit
  • Stop Fraud
  • Address Substance Abuse
  • Rebuild Primary Care in Your Community
  • Making Health Local Again
  • Health 3.0 Vision and Implications For Providers & Government
  • Health 3.0 Builds on Assets, Corrects Failings of Health 1.0 and 2.0
  • A Pyramid of Health
  • Implications for Providers and Government
  • Health Care Provider Organizations
  • Government Entities
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Here’s How to Make It Thrive
  • A Shift in Mindset
  • Two Stories
  • What to Look For in a Health Plan Administrator
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Step 1. Learn How to Be Liberated from the Status Quo
  • Step 2. Optimize Health Plan Infrastructure
  • Step 3. Carve out PBM
  • Step 4. Add Value Based Primary Care
  • Step 5. Leave Behind ValueExtracting PPO networks
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Understanding COHPs
  • The Impact of COHPs
  • Securing “Parent-Approval”
  • Low-Value vs. High-Value Components
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Conclusion
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Step 1: Help Employers Treat Employees Like Their Most Valuable Asset
  • Step 2: Create a Sense of Urgency – Why Change Now?
    • Request Suspension of Disbelief
    • Outline Dysfunction
    • Make it Meaningful
  • Step 3: Develop a Vision of Better Benefits
    • The “Nuts and Bolts” Vision
    • The 11-Star Vision
    • The Community-Owned Health Plan Vision
  • Step 4: Secure Grassroots Support
    • Start Quietly to Build Success
    • Build from the “Bottom.”
    • Educate Change Agents
  • Step 5: Sustain Change and Encourage Progress
    • Using Short-Term Wins
  • Step 6: Be on the Lookout for Barriers to Change
    • Structural Barriers
    • Psychological Barriers
    • Cultural Barriers
  • Step 7: Break Down Change Barriers
    • Talking to Both Supporters and Resisters
    • Thoroughly Engaging Everyone
    • Implementing Change in Several Stages
    • Keep Communicating Change
  • Step 8: Communicate More Than You Think You Need To
  • Step 9: Consolidate Improvements and Build on Gains
  • Step 10: Anchor Change into Culture
  • Key Takeaways and Things to Think About
  • Additional Background and Resources
  • Appendix A: Status Quo Versus Health Rosetta Comparison
  • Appendix B: A Practical Handbook for Systems Change
  • Appendix C: How to Pick a Benefits Consultant
  • Appendix D: Client Notice, Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights, and Code of Conduct
  • Appendix E: Sample Compensation Disclosure Form Appendix F: Health Rosetta Principles
  • Appendix G: Why Doctors are Running Out of Empathy
  • Appendix H: Decoding a Fully-Insured Renewal
  • Copper State Bolt & Nut Company
  • Gasparilla Inn & Club
  • Great Lakes Auto Network
  • Keystone Technologies
  • Pacific Steel & Recycling
  • City of Milwaukee
  • Enovation Controls
  • Langdale Industries
  • Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools
  • Rosen Hotels & Resorts

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