Phoebe Yang

Phoebe Yang has over 20 years experience in digital media and health, particularly building provider-led, consumer-centric business models in complex environments for both independent and strategically embedded start-ups within both media and healthcare industries. Businesses she has built and scaled include: Scaling a population health company to launch in 5 new markets in 18 months, […]

Ben Aiken

Ben Aiken

Ben is a family physician interested in the re-emergence of primary care and societal wellness through clinic and system-level innovation. He led the design and development of the direct primary care practice Avenu Health for the Mission Health System, where he currently serves as medical director and seeks to transform healthcare to work better for everyone by […]


Jon Hernandez

Jon Hernandez started in the healthcare industry in the early 1990’s co-building and developing an early stage claims clearinghouse based out of Colorado Springs, CO. As a software developer and database architect, Jon co-developed some of the original data transfer standards in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and created and managed adjudication and pre-adjudication rules within […]

Headshot_Ryan Schmid

Ryan Schmid

Ryan is the Co-founder, President and CEO of Vera Whole Health, which contracts with companies to build and operate dedicated on- and near-site primary care clinics for their employees. Vera was named one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine, and serves such groups as Seattle Children’s Hospital, The Bill […]


Mason L. Reiner

Mason Reiner is the Co-Founder & CEO of R-Health, a leader in innovative healthcare solutions that is dedicated to delivering more effective primary care and a better patient experience, while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. R-Health offers two value-based primary care solutions: R-Health Direct Primary Care and R-Health Accountable Care. Mason is a founding […]