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Why employer-driven transformation matters

The most profitable segment for nearly everyone in health care.

Increasingly changing how and what they buy

Change is coming from the ground up, making it difficult to see.

This is creating enormous new opportunities for every health care sector.

Collectively, employers purchase more health care than any other group. They direct more than 50% of all spending each year.

More than 30 years of hyper-inflating health care costs is pushing more and more employers to the brink of insolvency. What used to be a minor expense is now the second or third largest operating expense for most employers.

They're increasingly starting to take the cost and quality equation into their own hands. This means the most profitable segment of customers for providers, plans, suppliers, and others is starting to treat health care like they do other operating expenses.

The implications of this for everyone in health care are enormous.

Employers each make independent purchasing decisions.  They also reassess this each year. This means change can sneak up on any player in the health care industry, particularly if they're one or more steps removed from employers, as most care providers are.

This dynamic is supercharged by the increasing pressure they're acting on to take control of costs and outcomes on behalf of their employees.

Lastly, they don't need regulatory changes or government action to make significant changes. ERISA already gives them broad flexibility.

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