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Dave Chase is a dynamic speaker described by many as “driven to seeing healthcare realize its full potential.” He was named one of the 18 Most Influential People in Digital Health along with luminaries such as Dr. Eric Topol, Susannah Fox, and Anne Wojcicki.

Chase delivers real value to his audience by showing them where to see existential threats and massive opportunities in healthcare’s transformation. He understands and has driven major successes inside both large and startup organizations. Earlier in his career, he played a founding or leadership role in two new billion dollar businesses inside a Fortune 50 company.

More recently, he was a founder or senior executive in two successful startup exits.  In his speaking, Chase describes to audiences how to drive breakthrough thinking and innovation within their company in a fashion that delivers clear, measurable and objective results.

TEDx Talk on how Healthcare stole the American dream and how to get it back


Below are foundational keynotes Chase delivers on a regular basis to Fortune 100 companies, boards of directors, and government leaders. Each topic can be personalized to your company or industry, and he can combine elements of each of topic.

In a TED­-style talk, Chase connects the dots on how healthcare’s status quo represents the greatest threat to the American Dream. The talk informs, provokes, empowers and activates the audience.

The story is told through the eyes of Rosie and Jamie. Rosie is a sandwich generation head of household that makes the health decisions for herself, her children and increasingly her aging parents. Jamie is a doctor who has their professional life transformed from experiencing burnout and frustration to a renaissance where Jamie is able to practice medicine as Jamie had hoped during medical school.

The renaissance isn’t limited to Jamie’s professional life. The transformation of their community is profound. Where education had been cut, programs were being restored. The result in their community and at their company are breathtaking showing what’s possible for any community.

Purchasing healthcare services is generally the second biggest cost after wages for most employers whether they are in the private and public sector. Leaders focused on economic development whether they are business owners/leaders, union leaders or public officials all are striving to create more opportunity for their constituents. Opportunity lies in the insights that employers are pouring more than enough money into to deliver fantastic health benefits and a comfortable retirement for their employees/members. Unfortunately, they are getting neither. Data from pwc and others points to the fact that more than half of all healthcare spending adds no value. Imagine any other item in our business or personal life where that would be accepted.

It’s unimaginable, yet it’s the norm in healthcare.

Chase highlights how the open source project he conceived of, the Health Rosetta, is a blueprint for realizing the full value of the money employers are spending on behalf of their employees. The great news is it’s not a unachievable goal. Chase has spent time with the employers, unions and municipalities that are getting breakthrough results. He shares how employers are spending 50% less per capita on health benefits while delivering best­-of­-breed health benefits. These employers have invested that money that would have otherwise been wasted in healthcare on their employees (and kids’) college education and company R&D. Some have gone a step further and adopted nearby crime-­ridden neighborhoods and funded daycare, pre­-K, after school programs and even college education. The results have been breathtaking with crime rates plummeting and graduation rates skyrocketing in those communities.

Today’s healthcare leaders recognize that being “patient centric” is no longer merely a catchy marketing slogan. Rather, it represents the difference between success and failure in the fee-for-­value, population health era. HIMSS book of the year in 2014 was co­-written by Chase. He and his co-authors had the opportunity to investigate the highest performing organizations and clinicians in successfully engaging patients.

Chase’s talk covers how successful patient engagement is the linchpin of success in the population health era. Not only is it vital to improve health outcomes, it can drive competitive business advantage. Chase debunks myths some have about this meaning patients are in charge and that doctors’ role might be undermined. He’s spent time with organizations that recognize that the proper Quadruple Aim mindset is a core to success. Chase shares how leading organizations understand that paying close attention to clinicians’ well ­being is a natural precursor to patient engagement. That, in turn, leads to better outcomes and avoidance of unnecessary wasted resources.

Whether you are a leader of an established healthcare organization or making investment decisions, Chase sheds lights on non-­obvious threats and opportunities. Chase combines his knowledge working insides dozens of healthcare organizations with his time spent away from healthcare in digital media. Parallels with traditional media companies are strong and disturbing for healthcare incumbents. Seemingly intractable regional monopolies and oligopolies found it easy to discount emerging organizations that were growing exponentially, yet hardly noticed.

Chase draws on the Health Rosetta Principles for a New Health Ecosystem that is a set of guiding principles for success in the transformed health ecosystem. The Principles were curated from the leading minds in healthcare. Many of the principles for success are a polar opposite from the status quo. Chase provides examples of how winning organizations using these principles to gain a competitive advantage.


A few years ago, Dave wrote a piece that was very influential in helping us rethink how we approached the market. Early on in our process, his discussions with our team put us on a trajectory that is coming to fruition today. The byproduct is a transformed go­to­market approach including the fundamental products and services that we are offering. When we had a global executive meeting to kick off the company shift, Dave was a natural fit as the kick­off speaker. Despite short notice, Dave was able to juggle his schedule and join us in Brussels.

Chris Clark New Journey Board Member UCB Pharma

We invited Dave to speak at the Bakken Fellows Colloquium where the executive committee of Medtronic gather with the individuals who have earned the prestigious designation as a Medtronic Bakken Fellow. The executives and fellows gather to explore the state of medical technology and help set the direction for Medtronic’s future. Dave was selected as our keynote speaker for his vision of healthcare for the patient and where the industry is headed particularly with respect to personal health monitoring. His presentation was visionary and inspiring. The presentation triggered conversation and action which continues today.

Cindy Clague Research Director & Bakken Fellow Medtronic

Like others in the healthcare space, we are infusing an innovation mind­set into our business. I worked with Dave while developing a Innovation Summit that brought together some of the leading minds in Digital Health. Dave is one of the leading voices in the movement towards recognizing the strategic value of patient engagement, and was a natural person to invite to our global Innovation event. Dave was easy to work with and people were provoked by the ideas and thinking he shared. Dave’s ideas were very helpful as we bring in a new kind of thinking to ensure we continue to improve the value proposition to our customers.

Bottom Line: Dave is a thinker, leader and creator and I highly recommend working with him.

Jim LeFevere Global Head of Marketing Strategy and Support; Head of Digital Marketing; Digital Health Scholar

Dave has been a sounding board for our new strategic direction so he was a natural speaker to invite to Medtronic's Innovation Week. Dave possesses a deep background in new ventures and patient-centered models that is balanced with understanding how to drive change inside of a well-established market leader. He has a good way of nudging people out of their comfort zone so they are receptive to some of his out-of-the-box ideas. Since those ideas are drawn from real world success, rather than some vague vision, it's the kind of practical guidance that people can take back to their work.

John Lalonde VP, Product Development ,Technology and Research Medtronic

We asked Dave to speak at our Global Development Senior Leadership Meeting. As Bayer seeks to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities ahead, it was great to have him share his insights from how patient-centric offerings can create competitive advantage. He gave us a set of guiding principles for how to think about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Andre Schmidt VP and Head US Medical Affairs Consumer Care Bayer

Like many well­ established Life Sciences companies, we wanted to challenge our thinking in terms of how to evolve with the changing healthcare market. When we thought of who would be the most appropriate guest speaker to bring into the US Pharma leadership meeting, Dave was a natural choice. While he’s a “startup guy”, he’s been a leader inside multibillion dollar enterprises. His balance of pushing our execs out of their comfort zone with the pragmatic realities of the challenges of large scale change was on the mark.

Rick Homans VP, Customer and Business Insights, US Pharma GlaxoSmithKline

Each year, we gather digital health innovators from around Canada and the globe to share world-changing ideas, showcase breakthroughs and network. I believe Dave’s work around the 95 Theses for a New Health Ecosystem and the open source Health Rosetta project is ground-breaking for startups, healthcare organizations and public health organizations whether they are in Canada, the U.S. or in Europe or Asia. Dave’s insightful talk motivated our audience to think bigger and more disruptive than when they walked in the room. His performance at INTERFACE Health Summit was valued by our international audience and recognized with the “Best Speaker” 2015 INTERFACE Health Summit Award. I highly recommend Dave to speak at any world-class technology event.

Michael Bidu CEO Interface Health

Each year, my company gathers its most important client partners to share our viewpoints on the future of healthcare. We selected Dave as a featured speaker because of his thought leadership in health IT and passion for reinventing healthcare. It was clear he spent time thinking about what would be most inspiring and provocative for a health plan audience. He developed some new concepts that we hadn’t heard before. Dave is great at drawing lessons from other industries and applying them to a new context. I make it a point to seek out Dave's position when looking for insight and creative ideas.

Susan Mohler VP, Marketing MultiPlan, Inc.

We brought in Dave to speak in front of our most important partners. He was our go­-to guy whenever we wanted to address how to transform an organization to be truly patient­ centric. We appreciated how he shared inspiring stories of what was going on beyond most people’s radar, yet was destined to be transformational for the entire industry.

Christina Hoffman VP, Quality and Strategy Medscape Education

As a fellow startup founder who gets how important it is to transform the way health and wellness services are purchased, Dave was a natural to have speak at our company­-wide meeting. It was a great boost to our team to have someone from outside the organization validate the direction. I can’t think of many people who are more passionate about how critical it is to our future to overhaul the status quo.

Veer Gidwaney CEO Maxwell Health

We invited Dave into our annual strategy retreat to bring his perspective on what it will take for Life Sciences companies to succeed in the future. Dave has a nice way of pushing people out of their comfort zone to inspire them to take a new approach to how an organization can succeed in the population health era of healthcare. I’d highly recommend him for others who may have a similar need. We liked how he described how being patient ­centric was much more than a nice catchphrase but a new way of operating.

Nancy Paynter Director, Medical Education and Research Grants Team Genentech

As we seek to foster an entrepreneurial community, we like to bring in big thinkers from various industries. With healthcare representing nearly 20% of the economy and massive changes afoot, it was super useful to get Dave’s broad industry view balanced by his own startup experiences.

Dave keynoted our annual Digital Health Coalition Disrupt event. For many of our members, they are seeking ways to break down silos. Dave has been described as a silo­buster so our membership enjoyed him sharing how market­-leading organizations are breaking down silos and adding the greatest value to their constituents — patients and doctors. Dave’s background working in both large multibillion dollar enterprises and startups is a great perspective to bring to our members.

Mark Bard Founder Digital Health Coalition

When I read the 95 Theses, I got the same goosebumps that I did when I read the Cluetrain Manifesto in 2001. Cluetrain was an amazing collection of ideas and thoughts on what the future of business was going to look like given the business and Internet memes of the time. Cluetrain is as relevant today as it was 14 years ago when it was first published. To me, 95 Theses is to healthcare what Cluetrain is to tech businesses.

Colin Hung Director, Marketing Stericycle Communication Solutions

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