Many of you have told us how valuable a community of like-minded professionals is to shaping and extending your ability to create next-generation benefits programs. Likewise, the HR Certification Program is an outcome of the many conversations we’ve had about how to create substantial and sustainable change in our industry. We believe the Health Rosetta community will enable us each to accelerate our individual and collective progress, while also laying the groundwork for broad industry transformation.

The Health Rosetta community will be both virtual and in-person, making use of technology and creating local, regional, and national opportunities for ecosystem members to meet and exchange ideas. Certified professionals are some of the most important leaders of this ecosystem. Growing the community is a primary way we drive broader change, which is why certification requires each professional to participate in community building activities.

Certified Advisor Community

As a Certified Advisor, you will be helping expand the community with us. We’re starting with basic tools like email, webinars, forums, and group conference calls to learn what works best for facilitating, organizing, and communicating within the community. You will be part of the process of reviewing and providing input on the range of technology options and processes we leverage.

Community Participation

The primary community responsibility for you and other Certified Advisors is to ensure that the educational curriculum and community resources meet the needs of community members. We’ll make it robust and full of tools and knowledge to transform our industry. We’ll deeply rely on your insight and feedback. In some topics, you may be building visibility as an expert contributing to content. In other topics you’re excited to learn, we’ll rely on you to ensure that resources are detailed, thorough, and easily accessible, helping you advance your own goals.

As we move beyond the Phase 1 in 2018, we’ll roll out the other community participation opportunities for advancing the broader mission and Health Rosetta community. Below are some of the main areas for community participation that will be available, so start thinking about where you’d most like to be involved. Some opportunities will by invite and will have defined timelines of involvement. This ensure we create proper coverage of all areas and adequately diverse perspectives in each area, so that the community and movement advances as quickly as possible.

Part of the onboarding process is working with the certifications team to find the best matches between your interests and community needs. The outcome of that process will be a Community Participation Plan (see example below), which creates the plan for your community activities. Below is an example Community Commitment and a list of potential Community Commitment areas.

EXAMPLE HR Community Activity: Lead a Local Health Rosetta Chapter

Role Chapter Founder
6 Month Goal(s) Regular meetings with 3 attendees
12 Month Goal(s) 3-5 person Leadership Team created Regular meetings with 10+ attendees
Key Activities and Timeline Month 1: Research and identify 10 potential collaborators
Month 1: Have conversations about what collaborators would like to see in a meeting
Month 2: Set first meeting time, location and agenda
Month 2: Prepare materials for first meeting
Month 3: Hold first meeting
Estimated Monthly Time Commitment First 3 months: 10 hours, Ongoing: 5 hours

Phase 2 community participation options

Activity In person required? Description
HR Component Working Group No Advances specific Health Rosetta Components (e.g. value-based primary care, transparent advisor relationships, etc.) by aggregating research, solutions, people, etc. around them in order to deepen the component. Decides when to release new versions and what to include.
Community Resource Working Group No These resources are things like guides/other content, research projects, rate your broker/plan tools, advisor document and other templates, etc. Working groups will develop and maintain specific resources.
Online Community Moderator No Moderate a specific online community built around a geography, HR Component, or other topic
Certification Education/Testing Board No Review education modules for content updates, changes to tests, etc. Build relationships with universities to create and improve testing questions. Review educational modules for annual updates.
Lead a local Health Rosetta Chapter Yes, locally Lead a local Health Rosetta chapter. Evaluate if there are similar, existing groups that we can work with.
Custom activity Maybe Other activities, such as participation in policy advocacy, specific Health Rosetta campaigns, and other professional groups, fulfills community participation requirements.

Measuring Success

A core belief of the Health Rosetta is that we will all do better when we each do better, both as an industry and as a society. We are committed to your success and it is important that we are clear about what success looks like for you and for us.

Here are a couple examples of ways you may measure success.

  • Increased expertise, experience, and confidence implementing Health Rosetta high-performance benefits.
  • Increase in number of clients adopting Health Rosetta Components and high-performance benefits strategies.
  • Increase in number of clients.
  • Increase in size of clients.
  • Increase in retention of existing clients.
  • Increase in recognition as an industry leader.
    • Article citations, speaking engagements, etc.

Throughout the certification process, we’ll visit this topic repeatedly. For now, please put some thought into what success looks like for you personally and how we can support it. Let us know what’s missing and what you’d like to see.