What's needed?

To submit a success story or apply for an award

Submitting a Success Story



  • Your name, email, and location
  • Your role
  • Organization location, type, and industry
  • Is the organization self-funded?
  • Which Health Rosetta Components has the organization implemented?
    Value-based primary care, Benefits concierge services, Active ERISA plan mgmt., Transparent medical markets, Payment integrity/Fraud prevention, Transparent pharmacy benefits, Transparent advisor relationships, Major specialties & outliers, and Other
  • What specific tactics and strategies has the organization implemented?
    Reference-based pricing, Domestic/Intl. medical tourism, Data analytics, Pricing transparency tools, Onsite/near-site clinics, Bundled care arrangements, Direct provider contracting, Centers of excellence models, Independent TPA Data proficiency, Employee change management, Independent ERISA plan fiduciary, Specific tech or services vendors, and Other
  • Human impact, additional info, and comments
  • Upload any relevant files, data, documents, etc.

Submitting a Success Story + Data

In addition to Success Story information

Applying for a Health Value Award

In addition to Success Story + Data information

  • Category of award
  • Product or program name, start date, and summary
  • # of members with access
  • Program thesis and hypothesis
  • How do participants and professionals learn about, enroll, and engage with the program?
  • Describe any evidence that supports the program, including cited studies and/or abstracts
  • Describe data sources used
  • Description of measure and citation of measure steward, if any
  • Mathematical model used and upload scoring rubrics
  • Description of how savings were achieved and upload any summary documents

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