Gift-a-membership Resource Center

Everything you need to gift Health Rosetta Concierge Employer Memberships to current and potential clients

What is a Concierge Employer Membership?

A simple way for employers to learn about the Health Rosetta in a low pressure, high-value environment.
Helps show that innovative proposals are being used by employers everywhere.

Monthly Webinar

Health Rosetta intros, strategies, tactics, & success stories, largely from other employers who have adopted Health Rosetta Components.

On-demand Concierge

Email/chat/call with a Health Rosetta concierge to ask questions on tactics, best practices, approaches, etc.

Monthly email

Dave's Monthly Insight email with more tactics, case studies, and connecting topics to broader community, economic, and social issues.

Employer Community

Coming in summer 2018. An online community of employers to facilitate peer-to-peer shared learning.

Everything to Successfully Gift Memberships

Best practices, ideas, email templates, and more

Getting Started!

1. The Logistics

  1. Submit an Onboarding Form
    1. You will receive payment confirmation.
    2. We'll generate your personal gifting landing page. View an example gifting page.
  2. You'll get a series of emails over the coming month to help you get up to speed.
  3. Review the program info, templates, and other resources below, then ask us any questions, provide us feedback, and share ideas to make it better

Creating your strategy and campaign

  1. Identify and build lists of specific current and potential clients to gift memberships to.
    1. Relevant roles across CEO, CFO, HR, Benefits, Sourcing, and General Counsel, and board members
    2. People who you're actively working with as clients or prospects
    3. Relationships that still need cultivating
    4. Referral sources and other centers of influence
  2. Use the email templates below or your own emails to create invites
  3. Share your personal gifting page, particularly at key inflection points of developing relationships where you're already top-of-mind.
    1. After meeting at an event
    2. After an in-person meeting
    3. As part of a catch-up
    4. To attendees of an event you spoke at.
    5. After a rejection

How it works

You gift. They accept. We educate to mindset shift. We hand back.
Specifically for people you already know or meet.

1. Identify potential recipients

These can be current or potential clients. Any plan sponsor that would benefit from learning from other employers and experts.

2. Gift the membership

They can sign up through your custom gifting page or directly with you.

3. We educate

People have to know what a car is and desire one before purchasing a Honda or Ford. We focus on enabling this mindset shift.

4. We hand back

We track who gifted each membership. When a contact meets ready, willing, and able criteria, we refer them back to you.


No. This program is specifically for you to gift to people you've already met in the past or meet. We're working on other programs for employers that come to us first.

Nope. Think of them as credits you use as opportunities arise. We automatically track each gift and will let you know when you're running low on credits.

It's pretty straight forward. The goal of this program is to help you better retain clients and grow your practice by better educating each individual.

  1. Current Clients - $99 per year per contact
  2. Potential clients - $36 per year per contact, plus a 7.5% of first year compensation transaction fee if they become a client

Note: The contact year begins when the prospect/client signs up for the membership.

Yes, if you have multiple contacts in one organization you can gift the membership to multiple people in that same organization. This can be considered as one contact at the client/prospect price.

As a starting point, this isn't directly marketing, it's category education. Membership isn't meant to close new clients. It's meant to educate on the category, while building desire and confidence.

People need to know what a car is, want a car, and know how to choose between a Kia and a BMW. Membership provides this foundation.

There are a lot of reasons we think this will be valuable, but here are a couple of the main ones.

  1. Independence - The webinars, education, and community will be other employers, not advisors or vendors. Sometimes the messenger matters
  2. More effective market education - Doing this at the level we're doing it would require significant resources that would make it cost prohibitive.
  3. It's one tool in the toolkit - This supports what you're doing, not replace it. It helps you grow relationships with far more people at once.
  4. Meets people where they're at - Not everyone is ready for an unbundled DPC-centric, independent TPA, no-network, RBP, transparent PBM, etc. plan. Membership helps them learn more first

You can reach out to them whenever you want. We're just support and don't control your relationship with them.

If an employer explicitly contacts us, asks a concierge a deeper question, or takes other actions in the community that show high interest, we'll facilitate a live handoff to you.

First come, first serve. We track who originally gifted the membership to ensure that there's no confusion about the source of the gift.

Plus, if someone has already accepted a gifted membership, they'll let you know when you try to gift it.


Gifting to Potential Clients

Gifting to Current Clients

  1. Potential clients must opt-in to accept the membership and begin receiving communication from us. This is a key way to sift those who are truly interested from those who aren't.
  2. Think broadly as the program is meant to help increase the number of people you can educate towards mindset shifts. You can gift to nearly anyone you meet that is a potential client.
  3. Include as part of your other initiatives, such as webinars, client events, and other events
  4. Offer your gifting URL in speeches and presentations you make to groups.
  5. Use it as an opportunity to reignite old opportunities by reconnecting to gift a membership
  6. Maintain contact with lost opportunities and those who aren't ready yet. If you talk to 100 people and 5 become clients, this is a way to continue the conversation with the other 95 (and the 5 new clients).
  7. Gift to referral sources and other centers of influence who are benefits purchasers themselves, such as private equity funds, accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, public officials, civic leaders, etc.
  1. Your clients must opt-in to accept the membership and begin receiving communication from us.
  2. Help better retain clients by providing them unique value.
  3. Help clients currently unwilling to adopt Health Rosetta components to get comfortable with more sustainably innovative changes to their plans.
  4. Use as a value-add benefit for potential new clients.
  5. Help them learn from the challenges faced by other community members to maintain commitment and excitement when implementation or vendor issues arise.