Health Rosetta Fair Trade Pledge

Care Provider Organizations

We hereby pledge to adhere to the following practices to ensure a fair arrangement for all parties involved in the care we deliver.

Transparent Prices

Upfront pricing should be readily available without having to subscribe to a special service.

Note: Hospitals, physicians, and labs have continued freedom to set their own prices, but predatory pricing with different rates for each person for the same services, doesn't meet this standard.

Bundled Prices

Our transparent prices must include the full bundle of services that wrap around procedure. Note: This is the norm for the transparent open network.

A Culture of Safety

Safety culture data is fully disclosed. Given that preventable medical deaths are a leading cause of death in America and that medical errors bring untold misery to millions of patients every year, we will report to reputable services such as Leapfrog (where available to given types of organizations). We will enable confidential surveys of clinicians asking them if they would want a family member to receive care in our facility and, if so, by which unit-level team. Rolled up results of the confidential surveys will be transparently reported.

Staff Treatment

Physicians and nurses are suffering from record levels of suicide and burnout. Research shows that patient outcomes are correlated with how a hospital treats its clinical staff.

Shared Risk

We pledge that we will have a stated warranty window for complications related to a procedure completed in our facility. We further pledge we won’t artificially avoid or delay admissions to game this requirement.

Note: Medicare has long required providers to share risk under 3 different global periods; Zero Day Postoperative Pare, 10-day Post-operative period and 90-Day Postoperative period. Medicare isn’t going to pay for mistakes, complications and readmissions – a transparent open network brings that practice to the private sector. Best practice organizations are providing warranties on procedures ranging from 60 day to 2 years.

Right Care

We pledge that all of our patients will receive the Four Questions Patients Should Ask Their Doctor and ensure there is adequate time and background materials to answer these questions.

Note: There must be a focus on patient-reported outcomes. That is, patients want outcomes like living without pain or playing a sport—not just having a successful surgery, especially if it would have been better to avoid in the first place. Equipping patients to become active partners in their own care is the sign of an ethical organization.

Data Liquidity

Care teams do their best work when they have the most complete view of a patient’s health status. Anything less comes with an increased risk of harm. Therefore, we pledge that we will make health records available to other provider organizations in a timely manner in a broadly agreed upon industry standard format. Further, we pledge that our patients should have easy access to their own information in a secure, patient-controlled data repository—including the right to contribute their own data or take it elsewhere.

Ease of Use and Administration

From scheduling to payment, we pledge to avoid a bewildering array of oxymoronic “explanation of benefits” that serve to confuse more often than explain. Further, we pledge to limit administration for the patient to an optional post-experience survey.

Retaliation and Intimidation

We pledge there will be no retribution against individuals or units that self-report safety issues. We further pledge that there will be no intimidation of doctors, nurses or other clinicians threatening revocation of privileges unless there is clear violation of safety and ethical standards.

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