Praise for the CEO's Guide to Restoring the American Dream

Dave Chase has an industry-unique ability to identify the challenges facing our health care system in a manner that the ever-expanding and frustrated masses can quickly understand. What truly distinguishes Dave’s effort is not the failures he identifies, but the thought-provoking and tested solutions he presents coupled with his willingness to challenge payers, providers and consumers alike to demand a more-rewarding health care system.

Tommy Thompson Former Wisconsin Governor & United States Secretary of Health & Human Services

The most clear and logical presentation of health care’s entrenchment and ways of doing business that you will ever read. Business leaders will learn that they hold the keys to disrupting health care faster than any stakeholder in health care. Chase is not a part of the medical establishment and as a result, is not beholden to its stakeholders, except one—the everyday American citizen.

Martin Makary
Martin Makary, MD Johns Hopkins Surgeon & New York Times Bestselling Author

What Dave Chase has done in this long overdue book is provide a clear and extremely compelling wake up call for CEOs and CFOs to put much needed scrutiny on how, where and why they are spending significant operating budgets on healthcare for their employees—and concrete steps for how to strip out up to 30% of low-or-zero value expenditures out of this major line item.

Zayna Khayat, PhD Adjunct Professor, Health Sector Strategy
Rotman School of Management University of Toronto

More and more C-suite executives see health benefits a major liability, not an asset. The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream is a life saving guide to provide employees needed healthcare in way a your CFO and CEO will applaud.

Tom Emerick Former head of benefits at Walmart, BP, & Burger King

CEOs, CFOs, and other business leaders can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow others to dictate the health of their benefit plan. If we are going to take control of these ridiculous healthcare expenses, everyone will need to get involved. For those looking to take action, Dave truly hits the nail on the head with this book. Consuming this valuable knowledge will help ensure all business leaders posses the tools they need to empower their health plan to the highest degree.

Adam Russo
Adam V. Russo, Esq. Chief Executive Officer, The Phia Group, LLC

Dave Chase provides a powerful indictment of our costly and dysfunctional health care system. But more importantly, The CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream provides a simple, compelling and tested blueprint to improving how care is delivered, while lowering costs.

Tom Banning CEO, Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Dave Chase uncovers the shenanigans that have plagued employer-purchased health plans where those who benefit most are not the employers or their employees. Once it is clear that putting patients in control of their own health care funds a major key to lowering overall costs, employers can choose plans with the greatest value. If 30% of the $3 trillion health care industry is wasted, there is a huge opportunity for savings, and Dave Chase outlines a way to escape the current high-priced choices.

Alieta Eck
Alieta Eck Vice- President, Co-founder at Zarephath Health Center

Dave has done a great job of not only clearly articulating the major issues of health care, but of breaking those issues down into pieces that employers can control. He offers practical advice on what an employer should do to lower cost AND increase satisfaction for employees around their health care benefits. The book is easy to read as well. You have to love something easy to read that can fix a $3 Trillion problem!

Burt Rosen
Burt Rosen Chief Marketing Officer, HealthSparq

I'll be giving this book to every CEO and business owner I know in my community as well as city and county leaders.

Jerry Purcell
J. Shane Purcell, MD Physician Founder at RediCare Clinic

In a politically-charged environment, Dave Dave Chase's "CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream" will garner praise from those on both ends of the political spectrum. The "CEOs Guide" highlights the glaring waste and inefficiencies in the current system while offering an inspirational "call-to-action" for benefits advisors and all associated with healthcare purchasing and delivery. A must-read for all benefit advisors, public officials, executive or union leaders and other healthcare purchasers.

LynAnn Henderson
LynAnn Henderson President & Chief Marketing Officer, Kynexions

Dave Chase is the modern day Paul Revere writing in the darkness and warning corporate America that the threat from ever increasing health care is hear now. He clearly outlines the problems and delivers proven market tested solutions that are being utilized by organizations to overcome the tyranny of the medical delivery supply chain in America.

Craig LAck
Craig Lack Nationally-recognized health care and benefits expert, bestselling author, and speaker

Dave Chase has written a uniquely readable and actionable book that will inform any CEO or CFO why and how to reduce their all in health care spend by 20% or more year one and 50% or more by year five with better outcomes, happier employees and no cost shifting to employees. According to existing labor laws, CEO’s and CFO’s have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to take these steps or face personal financial liability for failing to act responsibly with funds that in part belong to their employees.

Vidar Jorgensen – Dave Chase
Vidar Jorgensen Founder and Chairman, World Health Care Congress

Dave Chase deconstructs the burnt out wreckage of a dysfunctional, hyper-priced under-performing American healthcare system, to show CEO’s how health benefits can be custom tailored to both harvest substantial cost savings and enhance employee satisfaction.

Steve Weissman
Steven I. Weisman President, Steven I. Weissman, P.A.

This book explains the basic problems facing employers, a market that has little attention paid to it in recent years. With the recent health reform debates focusing on changing the broader insurance market this book details the more populated market responsible for much of the health care purchasing in the country.

Emma Sandoe Fromer Spokesperson for Medicaid,, and Medicare at U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Dave Chase provides an excellent background and makes a compelling argument, supported by solid case examples, for redesigning employer provided health benefits. Building this transformation on properly resourced advanced primary care can improve care, improve health, and reduce health expenditures. Chapter 14 outlines the necessary features and funding mechanism to support this transition. People need INSURANCE for major health care expenses but need ASSURANCE of good primary care to achieve their best possible health. Employers can and should be a force in support of this transformation.

Glen Stream
Glen Stream President, Family Medicine for America's Health, LLC

The book that (Vanguard CEO) John Bogle would have written regarding health care. A CEO’s playbook on how to bend the health care cost curve. Fabulous.

Dr Matt McCord
Matt McCord, MD Anesthesiologist Leader, University of Michigan Medical School

If you are a CEO, CFO, GC, Chairman, a director, head of HR, or any other executive who cares about your company and employees, you should stop everything right now and read this book before making another decision about your health & welfare benefits plan. This book will identify, "What you don’t know, can and will hurt you." Dave has clearly laid out what and who is working against you, and what you can and should do to regain control, and possibly stay out of legal issues.

Tracy McConnell Director at IMA Financial Group, Inc.

The book is packed with wisdom you can’t find elsewhere but also a nice, light style that makes it addictive. There is so much in this book that is hidden behind the many layers of obfuscation characterizing our healthcare system. As a group trying to create and then disseminate new models of care that improve outcomes and lower costs, we are continuously running into hidden barriers with insurers and also un-empowered healthcare purchasers. This book has the practical prescription for moving it all forward. I’m making it required reading at Dell Med and recommending it for our many partners.

S. Claiborne "Clay" Johnston, MD Dean, Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

If you have a stake in healthcare, Dave Chase's CEO guide is a must read for health care leaders and health IT professionals alike.

Jonathan Bush CEO and Co-founder at athenahealth

One of the top ten healthcare books of all time, and #1 for delivering practical advice.

In practical value, this is the best healthcare book ever, because it shows how a great deal of money can be saved by real companies, today, not by changing the laws or "creating a culture of wellness" but by taking advantage of opportunities that already exist. I was shocked to learn that wellness is not the only place where suppliers snooker employers. Indeed, that is the rule, not the exception, in healthcare, as described in detail by Dave and the many guest authors and interviewees who are among the greatest experts in their field (e.g, Phia for TPAs vs. ASOs, Tom Emerick for Centers of Excellence, David Contorno for evaluating brokers).

Photo by Bryce Vickmark for Workforce Magazine 9/23/13 - Al Lewis of Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc at his home office in Newton, MA.
Al Lewis Father of disease management & CEO at Quizzify

Dave, you nailed it! Your message is vital for business leaders as it exposes the many dirty secrets behind the business of Employee Benefit plans. Yes, it is time to shed dependence on those who have benefited most from lousy results and demand vastly improved outcomes for employers and their employees. This is a must read to turn the tables on the benefits industry.

Eric Krieg Photo
Eric Krieg Founder & President Risk International Benefits Advisory

Dave Chase, a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, sought-after speaker, and movie producer writes clearly about our remarkably dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system. This book will show you how we got where we are: healthcare absorbing a fifth of our economy, robbing retirement plans, thwarting business expansion, and flattening wages. Companies are spending more and more on employees, but it’s going to healthcare, not higher wages.

He lifts the veil and shows employers not only what’s wrong but also strategies and tactics CEOs can take to create the transformations that government hasn’t (and may never) deliver.

Join Chase on this guided journey through healthcare’s maze and learn how enlightened employers have made their own transformations one company and one community at a time. If you purchase healthcare for your business, there’s no reason to wait.

schwartz-portrait – Stan Schwartz
Stanley Schwartz, MD President and CEO, WellOK, The Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health

With this practical and insightful book, Dave not only reveals the current best thinking in controlling healthcare costs but clearly illustrates the potential for every employer to become the hero of their own healthcare story.

After clearly outlining the daunting challenges faced by employers and patients in their struggle to reach good medical outcomes without causing financial ruin, Dave provides pragmatic, best practice solutions. Readers, take heart! Dave proves that, with sophisticated guidance, meaningful data, and a dose of courage, savvy employers are taking back control and blazing a path out of the healthcare wilderness.

Naveen Rao
Naveen Rao Founder and Managing Partner and Editor, Patchwise Labs and Tincture

The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream is an important book that couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Dave has researched and curated an indispensable resource for the American business leader.

It’s equal parts textbook and guidebook that manages to translate and demystify the complexity of health care purchasing in a practical, down to earth volume. I learned a ton – it’s loaded up with insightful anecdotes, quotations, case studies, interviews, statistics, facts, and much more. While Dave doesn’t pull his punches in serving up a lucid critique of many seemingly intractable bad business behaviors in the US health care system, this book is ultimately about solutions and practical insights, drawn from some of the country’s most progressive health benefits experts.

Simply put, this book is a must-own for any executive interested in reducing their business’s health care spending in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Smith Edward
Edward D. Smith CIC, Hutchinson Traylor

Pre-tax employer sponsored health insurance, a relic from W.W. II and codified by Congressional action in 1954, is an economic and healthcare disaster. It threatens to bring our industries to its knees. But, employers can get control of this runaway beast and Dave Chase is charting the course.

His new book, “The CEO’s Guide To Restoring The American Dream: How To deliver World Class Healthcare To Your Employees At Half The Cost”, is nothing less than a how-to-manual for companies to finally get control of this accelerating problem. His Health Rosetta Institute ( provides in-depth insight and solutions for employers to provide better care for their employees at far less cost.

Kennith Fisher
Ken Fisher Founder, MI Free Market Med. Assoc.

David's book provides compelling evidence for why everyone from CEO's in the board room to families at the kitchen table need to start taking back control of their health care decisions rather than increasingly outsource these decisions to insurance companies or worse yet...government. Putting the consumers in the drivers seat is the key to lowering costs and improving quality in health care much as it is for every other market segment.

Patrick Colbeck
Patrick Colbeck Michigan State Senator (7th District) and President at Tek Made Easy

I study a lot about the healthcare crisis. But Dave reveals here how businesses are being short-changed as well as the American people and how to get around it. Even if you don't have a business you should read this. You will see the massive, I call it, corruption in healthcare that has squandered money and resources we could use to help our economy. Dave also uncovers how elements of the ACA, though well-meaning, have an unintended effect on the cost and quality of healthcare. If you care about your own health, your family's health, and even your company, you need to read CEO's Guide: Restoring the American Dream

John Daly
John Daly Broadcast Journalist

The CEO’s guide codifies and explains our healthcare system dysfunction as no single source has yet been able to do. Far more importantly, however, it gives real strategies that are ALREADY working with hundreds of employers across the country, large and small, on what can actually be done about it. Despite years of failure to deliver on promises by carriers, brokers, wellness vendors etc, here is a blueprint that actually works.

Contorno David
David Contorno President, Lake Norman Benefits

Dave Chase's new book is a must read for anyone involved, or attempting to understand, the current economics of the health care market in the United States. It provides not only deep analysis on the current 'state of affairs' in the U.S., but also a practical "how-to" for any CEO, COO, or HR specialist tasked with improving (quality and cost) a company's health care plan.

Brad Younggren
Brad Younggren, MD Chief Medical Officer, 98point6

If you are the CEO of a company that self-funds for your employee’s medical care you should read this book carefully. If your HR department has ever said, “…our consultants have looked at this ‘free market’ thing and don’t think it will save us money,” then you need to read this book carefully. If you think as many “consultants” tell you, that “healthcare is complicated,” then, once again, you need to read this book very closely. This book is a component of what Mr. Chase refers to as a health industry “Rosetta stone,” a key to deciphering the enumerable ways you have been fleeced by those in the industry upon whose advice you have relied. Unplugging the fog machine of the unscrupulous “consultants” is one of Mr. Chase’s goals, the success of which will create a huge buyer demand for honestly-priced medical services. Those in the industry posed to provide value pricing will be emboldened by the new demands of this marketplace and will expand in number and scope as a result. The dominoes have begun falling on Mordor and Mr. Chase’s book will be seen by those who read it now and for a long time to come as a pivotal moment in this free market medical revolution.

Keith Smith
Dr. Keith Smith Founder, Surgery Center of Oklahoma

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It gives anyone responsible for health benefits, financial performance, or caring for employees the practical blueprint for success and the insight to ensure change is successfully implemented.
  • Acknowledgements & Author’s Note
  • Foreword
  • A Note From a Fellow Traveler
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: American Has Gone to War for Much Less
  • Case Study: Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Schools
  • Chapter 2: Health Care Prices: Hyperinflation—or Flat?
  • Chapter 3: What You Don’t Know about The Pressures and Constraints Facing Insurance Executives Costs You Dearly
  • Chapter 4: Millennials Will Revolutionize Health Benefits
  • Case Study: Rosen Hotels & Resorts
  • Chapter 5: 7 Tricks Used to Redistribute Profits From Your Organization to the Health Care Industry
  • Chapter 6: PPO Networks Deliver Value—And Other Flawed Assumptions Crushing Your Bottom Line
  • Case Study: City of Milwaukee
  • Chapter 7: Criminal Fraud Is Much Bigger Than You Think
  • Chapter 8: Are Workplace Wellness Programs Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Chapter 9: You Run a Health Care Business Whether You Like It or Not. Here’s How to Make It Thrive.
  • Chapter 10: How (And How Not) to Pick a Benefits Consultant
  • Case Study: Langdale Industries
  • Chapter 11: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Benefits Professionals
  • Chapter 12: Centers of Excellence Are a Golden Opportunity
  • Chapter 13: ASO vs. TPA – What They Mean for You
  • Chapter 14: Value-based Primary Care
  • Chapter 15: Transparent Medical Market
  • Case Study: Enovation Controls
  • Chapter 16: Concierge-Style Employee Customer Service
  • Chapter 17: High-Value, Transparent TPA
  • Chapter 18: ERISA Sample Plan Document Checklist
  • Appendix A: 5 Steps to Start Implementing High-Performance Benefits
  • Appendix B: Detailed Case Studies on the Failures of Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Appendix C: Sample Broker Compensation Disclosure Form
  • Appendix D: Health Rosetta Principles
  • Appendix E: Health 3.0 Vision
  • Appendix F: Health 3.0 Vision: Implications for Providers, Government and Startups

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