Plan Snapshot

Why not get a second opinion on your health plan today?

After years of synthesizing health plan data and working one-on-one with leading advisors, solutions, and employers to identify the most important components of a high-performance plan, Health Rosetta developed the Plan Grader™. The Plan Grader provides an objective leading indicator of a health plan's strengths and weaknesses.

The Plan Grader is only accessible via Health Rosetta Advisors (find an advisor near you), however, we have developed a streamlined version for the public, the Plan Snapshot. The Plan Snapshot will provide you with the tools to have a candid conversation with your advisor about areas of improvement.

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Once you’ve submitted your basic plan information, we will send you your Plan Snapshot within 2-3 days. As you fill this form out, there may be questions you don't know the answer to or are unsure. "No" should be your answer for these (or leave a box unchecked). This process is designed to establish a baseline and you can always return and complete the information again. Even the best plans have areas that need work and/or a benefit hasn't been well communicated. If you have questions, please email