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Measure the growth and impact of high-performance benefits.

Success story data helps accelerate adoption of high performance benefits.

We use it to measure impact, create more customers, accelerate adoption, and ensure next-gen markets thrive.


Submit data below or send it to us on organizations adopting components of high-performance benefits.


We analyze data and create metrics to measure the growth, reach, and impact of high-performance benefits.


We use the metrics, benchmarks, and data to accelerate adoption of high-performance benefits.

We keep everything confidential, anonymized, and aggregated unless you give explicit permission.

If you have data questions or concerns, let's talk!

Before you submit data

You'll need some specific basic aggregate data.

Beyond basic info on the organization, you'll need to identify:

  1. Basic info on what changes were made and when
  2. Number of covered lives
  3. 2014-16 fixed costs - Everything except claims (e.g. admin fees, commissions, network access fees, etc.)
  4. 2014-16 total spend - Fixed costs plus claims spend

If you don't have or can't disclose this info, you can submit a basic success story or talk to us directly.