Partner Ecosystem

An exclusive ecosystem dedicated to replicating healthcare's fixes.

Who should apply for the Health Rosetta partner ecosystem?

Organizations that actively challenge healthcare's status quo and are involved in employer health benefits. By application only.


Market catalyst and purchaser-aligned positioning at the forefront of transforming healthcare's status quo.


Deep insight and shared learning from a like-minded ecosystem that raises the tide that raises all ships.


An independent voice that drives change by executing campaigns to grow emerging categories relevant to members.


Be a leader in the ecosystem for challenging the status quo.

Market positioning

You've already seen healthcare's fixes in action and decided to build around this. Our mission is to accelerate growth of markets to where you already are. Membership positions you at the forefront of the market, letting you rise above the noise.

Help shape the future

In the future, we'll launch certifications in many categories where members operate. We're also advancing markets now. Membership lets you help shape certifications and other initiatives to fit where the market is going.

This doesn't mean membership is a mechanism to advance overly self-interested agendas. There's not need for us to sacrifice our principles to achieve our mission.

An independent voice

We're a an independent ecosystem focused on scaling adoption of high-performance benefits. This lets us grow new categories by educating markets. We can create market credibility in ways that others can't.


There's power in numbers focused on growing emerging markets.

Strength in numbers

There are far more people and organizations focused on high-performance benefits, payment, and care than most realize. We're constantly surprised that many don't know of each other. Membership pulls together the spotfires.

We use our enormous reach to bring together this scattered community for shared learning, partnerships, and growth. This community includes solution providers, purchasers, technology solutions, experts, providers, and more.

Proprietary education

We're aggregating the smartest minds and most successful approaches to create a rising tide. We do this through webinars, working groups, and an on-demand education platform (coming).

Turnkey purchaser components

Of course we're building a directory of ecosystem members. It's 2017, not 1995. More importantly, we're going to work on packaging solutions into specific Health Rosetta components to provide purchasers and their advisors with turnkey implementation packages.

Solutions curation

Through our work, we see many of the most compelling solutions, vendors, technologies, and more. We aggregate and curate these to identify the most promising for our members.


An independent voice for driving change.
Collective resources. Targeted objectives. World-class expertise.

Campaigns advance our mission by creating more fertile ground for everyone.

They grow categories and spread ideas with more credibility than members can alone.

They combine resources, sophisticated online and offline marketing, proprietary targeting, and focused goals.

Market education

Many purchasers don't know what's available or believe they can't successfully challenge the status quo. We educate the market by showing what's possible and how to do it. For example, we've already made significant progress in showing how emerging ERISA fiduciary duty litigation requires a different approach to actively managing health benefits spend.

Geographic & sector focused

Our team has significant experience driving ecosystem change in multiple industries. We aggregate resources for campaigns focused on large levers for driving change in specific segments. This involves aggregating ecosystem members, outside influencers, and others in a coordinated approach. We then target specific geographies, sectors, and topics.

Data, stories & tools

We build data, stories, and online tools & resources that enable others to see the benefits of high-performance benefits and care. For example, we're collecting and spreading success stories about organizations that have already adopted high-performance benefits and working on a cost-savings calculator.

Leverage collective resources

Campaigns are jointly planned, staffed, and funded by us, members, experts, philanthropists, and others. This create leverage at the top of the impact and acquisition funnel for everyone by combining resources to educate markets and grow categories.

Member benefits

  • Quarterly webinars and monthly emails
  • Ability to participate in campaigns
  • Education library
  • Membership directory listing
  • Speaking & sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to Institute team
  • Use of Institute member logo
  • Discounted certifications (future)
  • Success stories
  • Member concierge
  • Tailored connections
  • Article announcing membership
  • Working group and council participation
  • Visibility to certified advisors
  • Author ecosystem articles
  • Negotiated member discounts

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Annual membership dues

Tailored to fit any size organization.
Dues are primarily used to execute campaigns.
2017 Revenue Dues formula
$0-500k 0.25% of 2017 revenue (min. $500)
$500k to $50M $2,500 + 0.1% of 2017 revenue above $500k
$50M to $250M $52,000 + 0.05% of 2017 revenue above $50M
$250M+ $151,750 + 0.01% of 2017 revenue above $250M
A company with $27.5M in FY2017 revenue would pay $29,500 in dues.
Start by selecting the "$500k to $50M" tier
Tier baseline + Revenue Adjustment Total dues
$2,500 $27.5M
- $500k baseline

x 0.1%

Membership FAQ's

Campaigns are how we grow categories and create awareness & change around specific issues. They're jointly planned, staffed, and funded by members, topic experts, the Institute, philanthropists, and others interested in the specific topic.

They work like a typical marketing campaign. For example, let's say we wanted to educate CFOs, CHROs, union leaders, and city managers in a specific geography about how they can reduce overall spend 2-5% by reducing fraud, waste, and abuse.

Each campaign follows the same basic framework.

  1. Identify specific campaign goals
  2. Develop key metrics, segments, channels, and messaging/collateral
  3. Build the conversion funnel and budget necessary to accomplish the campaign goal
  4. Aggregate funding, then execute the campaign

Campaigns grow relevant categories and generate demand in a category, improving members' positioning and acquisition funnels.

Worth noting is that we're very particular about focusing on categories and issues, not specific people or organizations. Campaigns are authentic, honest market education and demand generation, not outsourced marketing for a specific organization.

Unfortunately, we don't provide refunds as dues are immediately allocated to our limited budget. However, if you're dissatisfied for any reason, let's talk and fix it.