Health Rosetta Employer Program

You can deliver better benefits for your employees and their families while
reducing your current health care spend by 20-40%.

Health Rosetta has worked with employers of all sizes and industries, across the United States, to apply supply chain techniques to achieve higher performance for their health plans. Successful organizations have been able to improve the member experience, reduce member and plan spend, and improve the quality of care for members. We have synthesized their successes into the Health Rosetta Framework, a blueprint for high-performance health benefits. The Health Rosetta provides a practical path to repeating what successful purchasers already do.


Reduced healthcare costs from $1.5 million annually for a fully insured plan to $450,000 annually for their self-insured plan.


Spends 55% less than peers by implementing Health Rosetta-style benefits.


Wanted options after renewal had a 21% increase. Their new Health Rosetta-style plan saved more than $1.4 million in healthcare costs (~50% reduction).

Health Rosetta Framework

There is no single solution to provide high-performing health benefits given the variability among and across communities and companies. The Health Rosetta Framework is built from the ground up, based on the actual experiences of organizations across the country. It includes the critical components that, together, form high-performing health plans. The specific strategies and tactics vary by employer, based on their size, geography, population, culture, and other factors, all designed to produce excellent results.

You can see the components in this diagram, along with expected savings from the implementation of each. Blue components are foundational and should be implemented first. Purple components are member-facing and can be layered on once the foundational components are in place. To learn more about each component, visit

Adopting the Health Rosetta

Our mission is to ensure as many Americans have access to high-performance health plans as possible. To accomplish that mission, we provide extensive publicly available content about how organizations can adopt the Health Rosetta Framework and its various components. This includes free digital access to several best-selling books by our co-founder, Dave Chase. Based on significant demand for more and deeper resources, we have developed a new paid subscription offering, the Health Rosetta Employer Program, covered below.

Successful organizations typically follow the constant improvement cycle below and our goal is to provide the resources needed to engage and accelerate in this change process.


As we have continued to refine the Health Rosetta’s structure and processes, we have developed the following recommended path for adoption, ensuring a solid foundation is laid early and that strategic wins are in place at each stage. Depending on the context, many employers phase full adoption over several years, prioritizing changes with minimal member impact to capture savings that can be applied to improving the transition to the member-facing components, like value-based primary care and transparent open networks.


To achieve meaningful results with lower risk and disruption, we highly recommend that your first step is engaging the right advisory team.

Health Rosetta Advisors -- Fully Aligned and Transparent

The first and most critical step to building a better health plan is to have a fully-aligned and transparent advisor. If your current advisor is a Health Rosetta Advisor, they have committed to transparency regarding their compensation, as well as alignment with the Health Rosetta principles. If your current advisor is not in our Advisor Program, we recommend that you review the Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights, Code of Conduct, and Compensation Disclosure with your current advisor and ask that they adhere to them. We also have an RFP outline that can be used during your next advisor selection process and/or can match you with Health Rosetta Advisors if you provide some basic information about your company.

Our New Health Rosetta Employer Program

Following years of working with advisors and their clients, we recognized that there is a deeper need among both curious and committed employers to have access to a comprehensive, independent set of content and resources that support their journey towards building better health plans.

The goal of our Employer Program is to inform and inspire employers — first, that higher performance health benefits plans are within reach, and second, that there are resources to support them every step of the way.

The Employer Program is a $99/month subscription and consists of access to curated and synthesized articles, videos, tools, templates, and peer engagement to accelerate your organization’s awareness and adoption of high-performance benefits plans.

What the Health Rosetta Employer Program Includes

We provide a private intranet for members of the Employer Program to access the various content, tools, and event registrations available. We will continue to expand these resources over time, based on the interest and priorities of our initial members. At the launch date, you will be able to access the following resources:

Employer Round Tables

Curated and moderated discussions with experts and peers about current challenges and questions.

Office Hours with Health Rosetta Team

Video calls with a member of the Health Rosetta Team to go deeper on a specific area of the framework or talk about how it applies to your plan.

Employer Q&A Corner

Submit your own general interest question about health benefits and the Health Rosetta Framework or review previous questions from employers and our answers.

Component Deep Dives

All of the materials Health Rosetta has available on each component, including case studies, articles, webinars, and conference sessions.

Case Study Library

Collection of summaries of other employers’ journeys and results using the Health Rosetta Framework.

Health Rosetta Adoption Plan

Summary of Health Rosetta’s best practices in staging and scheduling changes to health plans.

Sample RFP for Advisor/Broker

Download an editable version of our Advisor/ Broker RFP to use in your selection process.

Resource Library of All Public Materials

Open access to all Health Rosetta materials published publicly, without download form requirements.

Now accepting reservation requests for Employer Program memberships