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I truly believe that joining the Health Rosetta ecosystem will help anyone responsible for purchasing health benefits move towards programs that help employers, employees, and our communities.

Kalli Ortega Managing Partner & Vice President Corkill Insurance Agency

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Actionable insight and nuance from leading benefits leaders and industry experts on successful strategies.

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Learn why and how better benefits improve your company, employees, communities, and our country.


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This is just a small sample of the hundreds of Health Rosetta contributors we draw from.

What is the Health Rosetta?

An open-source, ever-evolving framework for high-performance health plans.
Aggregated and curated from the real life successes of benefits purchasers everywhere.
HR Components
Specific strategies & vendors slot into each component.
What's used varies by plan size, goals, geography, claims experience, and more.

Some specific topics

We balance a mix of foundational principles, broad strategies, key tactics, and specific solutions.
  • Best practices for implementation
  • Next generation plan design
  • Active ERISA plan management
  • Payment integrity
  • Key areas for point solutions
  • Plan change management
  • High-cost patient management
  • ERISA fiduciary roles
  • Onsite/near-site clinic nuances
  • Reference based pricing
  • Bundled care
  • Centers of excellence models
  • "How I did it" war stories
  • Case studies
  • What's the point of transparency
  • Winning internal support
  • Challenging conventional wisdom
  • The "so what" of data & analytics

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