Ben Bohonowicz exemplifies health plan excellence and stewardship.

Health Rosetta recognizes the top health plans in America at the annual Rosie Awards. The Rosie Awards recognize high-value, low-cost health plans from employers and unions across the U.S.

Rosie Award winners are chosen from plans recommended by benefits advisors, solution providers, or clinical leaders who meet two important criteria: a high Plan GraderTM score and excellent use of their Health Rosetta Dividend.

The Plan Grader™ is the first comprehensive independent plan assessment to measure and improve your health plan strategy. Plan Grader is an independent 360° health plan risk assessment that provides actionable insights to create an effective 2-3 year strategy to lower costs and improve benefits. Plan Grader is built on the Health Rosetta’s eight components that have been modeled on the successes of hundreds of high-performance plans. Employers and unions can evaluate how their health plan benchmarks to other employers or union plans adopting a Health Rosetta-style health plan. Reach out to Ben Bohonowicz to get your Plan Grade today.

Health Rosetta Dividend refers to the well-documented over $1 trillion of industry waste that can be reinvested back into an organization or community to improve wellbeing and build the foundation to restore the American Dream. Examples of Health Rosetta Dividend reinvestment include free college education, advanced primary care services, free or subsidize healthy food, pay increases, Dream Manager, $0 medications, or other tangible improvements that have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of their workforce, dependents, and communities.

Ben Bohonowicz

Ben Bohonowicz

Director of Client Services

Employee Benefit Services of Maryland, Inc.

Health Rosetta Advisor since 2018

Ben is a Partner and Director of Client Services for Employee Benefit Services. Ben’s role is to support organizational growth by providing strategic client direction, building new relationships and maintaining existing client relationships. He specializes in creative funding solutions that incorporate innovative tools to make healthcare more efficient and cost effective. He is consistent with current trends and legislation that influence costs in the healthcare industry. Ben is licensed in Life & Health and is a Life & Health Advisor. As of July 2015, he is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist®. Ben has been featured in industry publications, including BenefitsPro, surrounding technology, non-insurance employee perks, voluntary products, and other various topics in the benefits arena.

  • Industry: Information Technology/Services
  • # of Employees: 1700
  • Location: Virginia

ASM Research created its "Our Health Plan Shared Savings Program" to share health plan dividends with health plan members and promote smart healthcare consumerism and plan ownership. Benefits have included:

  • Employee contributions remained flat from 2019 to 2022; a small 2023 increase was less than industry averages.
  • “Premium holidays” are instituted when the plan is performing better than expected, and ASM shares in those savings throughout the year by covering the employee contributions for the pay period. ASM has had seven premium holidays since the program’s inception.
  • Member incentives reward employees for choosing care that's high quality and cost effective. Since the inception of the program, ASM has paid more than $210,000 to members who practice smart healthcare decisions.
  • In addition to the shared-savings program, ASM provides rich benefits, including:
    –$10 copays PCP/specialist/chiro/acupuncture/therapy
    –$25 copays for urgent care
    –Free virtual primary care
    –Free center of excellence program for cancer, cardiac care, transplants, and bariatric care
    –$1,500 annual cash Incentive for members choosing high-quality care from local providers
    –Free maintenance medications for generic drugs, brand drugs and specialty prescrptions
  • TPA: CareFirst Administrators
  • PBM: SouthernScripts
  • Stoploss: Tokio Marine HCC
  • PrimaryCare: Eden Health
  • Individual Stewardship: Quantum
  • Other Solutions: HaloScrips, Garner Health, Edison Health, OptiMed, Renalogic, Diathrive
Rosie Awards Winner Sticker

Horizon Goodwill recently won the Health Plan Hero award. Horizon also recently built a health hub that includes a non-profit grocery store and medical, dental and mental healthcare for community residents.

  • Industry: Non-profit
  • # of Employees: 500
  • Location: Maryland

Horizon Goodwill benefits include:

  • $250 deductible on medical services
  • 100% employer-paid direct primary care (DPC) membership
  • Dental and vision premiums now covered at 100%
  • Employee contributions have been flat since 2018 at $40/paycheck
  • No cost-sharing for all DPC services – including ancillary services such as labs, medications, X-rays and imaging
  • Free maintenance generic brand and specialty medications through concierge pharmacy
  • Cash incentive of $500 offered to employees for joining HaloScrips
  • TPA: JP Farley
  • PBM: Southern Scripts
  • Stoploss: ECU
  • PrimaryCare: DPC Genovo Health/Dr.Ken Rictor
  • Individual Stewardship: Valenz
  • Other Solutions: HaloScrips and Highlight Health
Rosie Awards Winner Sticker