Health Rosetta Inside Development Partner Letter Agreement

Date: March 20, 2023

RE: Health Rosetta Inside Development Partnership

Dear Development Partner:

Thank you for your interest in being a Health Rosetta Inside Development Partner. We’re excited to have you involved and look forward to working together more closely. Consistent with our discussions, I am pleased to provide this letter of Agreement outlining the agreed relationship between Health Rosetta Group PBC (“Health Rosetta”) and (“Development Partner”).

The Health Rosetta Inside Development Partner program is a unique way for selected Development Partners and Health Rosetta to work more closely together to support the Development Partner’s clients and potential clients, while deepening and improving the Health Rosetta Inside product offering.

The primary goal for Health Rosetta in working with Development Partners is to ensure Health Rosetta Inside exceeds market expectations. We will achieve this by working more closely with a limited number of advisors who commit to adopt Health Rosetta Inside at all of their self-funded clients over the next year.

To participate, Health Rosetta requests Development Partners to commit to the following:

  1. Development Partner ​agrees to implement Health Rosetta Inside at all of their self-funded clients over the next 12 months, unless a client refuses to do so or is not adopting at least one Health Rosetta component.
  2. Development Partner​ agrees to provide ongoing, direct feedback and insight into Health Rosetta Inside offering to ensure it exceeds market demands and to help us understand how to improve, what to add, and what to remove.
  3. Development Partner​ agrees to provide necessary data for underwriting, measuring success, and case studies, and the parties recognize that availability of data will​ typically ​depend on agreement with third parties, so specific requirements with each client may vary.
  4. Development Partner agrees to participate in monthly 60 minute 1:1 status calls with the Health Rosetta team and quarterly 60 minute calls with other development partners.

In exchange for committing to the above requirements, Health Rosetta will provide the Development Partner with the following benefits until December 31, 2019, in addition to the Health Rosetta Inside offering.

  1. Health Rosetta staff will be available to attend important in-person client​ and ​prospect meetings to assist Development Partner. Such availability may be limited by preexisting commitments, travel schedules, and other considerations, but Health Rosetta will make good faith efforts to attend relevant, key meetings.
  2. Health Rosetta staff ​will provide deeper on-the-ground support for each Health Rosetta Inside deployment, seeking to act as an extended team member.
  3. Health Rosetta will conduct both national and local PR and marketing campaigns around successes and case studies, particularly when there are specific human-interest stories.
  4. Health Rosetta will make our data science team available on a deeper basis​ to help provide Development Partner more insight for their clients and provide more direct input into in development of the Health Rosetta Inside data platform, benchmarks, key metrics,​ and ​other resources.
  5. Health Rosetta will conduct on-demand reviews (14 day turnaround) and​/or ​​vetting of vendors, strategies, or issues within the scope of Health Rosetta Inside offerings.
  6. When appropriate, Health Rosetta will create Health Rosetta case studies from client​s who implement Health Rosetta Inside​.
  7. Health Rosetta will contribute other Health Rosetta resources as-needed to help ensure successful implementations.

As described above, Health Rosetta intends to provide significant resources to the Development Partnership to ensure that Health Rosetta Inside is a highly valuable and successful offering that meaningfully contributes to improving the lives of millions of Americans by accelerating Health Rosetta’s mission to have every benefits purchaser use the Health Rosetta framework as the foundation for purchasing health care. Participation enables the Development Partner to meaningfully contribute to this mission while also providing significant benefits to Development Partner’s clients and practice. As such, Health Rosetta seeks Development Partners who are committed to the Development Partner criteria above.

This agreement is not transferable. Moreover, either Party may freely terminate this Agreement by written notice to the email address for the other party to which this Agreement was delivered. This Agreement shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Delaware and within the venue and forum of King County, Washington, without regard to Choice of Law provisions. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties pertaining to this subject matter, superseding any prior contemporaneous agreements, representations, and understandings of the Parties, and no supplement, modification, or amendment of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing. This agreement shall be terminable by either party upon written notice, including electronic notice, to the other party.


We look forward to working together. If this letter properly reflects our discussions, please countersign to approve.


Electronically Signed Below              

By: Sean Schantzen

Title: President

Organization: Health Rosetta Group PBC


Development Partner

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