Health Rosetta approaches are being implemented everywhere.
Learn more about it below.
  • Swatee Surve: Embracing the Science of Behavior Change
  • Brad Younggren: Flipping the Clinic
  • Jim Millaway: Individual’s right to know the cost of care
  • Shannon Brownlee: Overtreatment
  • Hugo Campos: Engagement for avoiding the health system
  • Danny Sands: Inclusivity with individuals and caregivers
  • Rob Lamberts: Preventing the need for care
  • John M. Grohol: Mental health
  • Dr. Garrison Bliss: Wisdom of the individual
  • Kate Adamick: School lunches
  • Dr. Tom Ferguson: Health and financial literacy
  • Esther Dyson: Partnering for community health
  • Mitch Rothschild: Feedback
  • Sue Siegel: “Cognification”
  • Ed Park: Transitioning Care Beyond the Walls of the Clinic
  • Garrison Bliss: The “Negaclaim”
  • Rushika Fernandopulle: Misaligned Incentives Impair Providers
  • Adrian Gropper: Right to Privacy
  • Leonard Kish: Single Patient Record
  • Jonathan Bush: Monopolies
  • S. Claiborne “Clay” Johnston, MD: Physician as community manager
  • Daniel Schwartz: Harnessing the data deluge
  • Bryan Vartabedian: Scaling medical educaton for the future
  • Stanley Schwartz: Empowering a patient to make rational economic choices
  • Lygeia Ricciardi: Data liquidity for improving health
  • Rob Lamberts: Sustainability
  • Adrian Gropper- Openness and Privacy
  • OpenNotes-Open access to information for individuals
  • Tom Emerick: Employee friendly direct contracting with high-quality referral centers
  • Ben Heywood: Evidence-Based understanding of what works
  • Bill Gates: Healthcare waste – A bandit stealing from our future

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