Improve the Health Rosetta

Submit data, best practices, success stories, people, products, services, and places to the blueprint for high performance health care and benefits.

Health Rosetta Submission Guidelines

The Health Rosetta is open source, but curated by a community of experts. Here are some key things we keep in mind when assessing submissions.

  1. What is being submitted? - Is it just a sales pitch in disguise or is it high quality content, a proven solution, a real expert, robust data, etc? How does it compare to the status quo?
  2. Who is submitting? - What's the relationship of the submitter? For example, a customer submitting a specific vendor or solution is more persuasive than the head of sales.
  3. Why is it being submitted? - Mission matters. Submissions should come from genuine and justified belief that the submission is highly-relevant to reducing the cost of care while improving the quality, not self interest.
  4. How strong is the support? - The stronger the claim that something or someone reduces costs or improves health outcomes, the better the supporting data needs to be. Some very stodgy people are involved that can sniff out mediocre or misleading data from a mile away.

The Health Rosetta itself is intended to provide clarity to benefits purchasers on how to intelligently purchase benefits, what others have done, etc. in a transparent, high-value way.

In short, ask whether a submission would truthfully help your mom or best friend if they were in charge of purchasing or paying for benefits.