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Our Advisor Program application process
will re-open April 2021

Applications for the 2020 Cohort of Health Rosetta Advisors are now closed. We typically accept a new cohort once a year and anticipate opening applications next April.

In the meantime, please complete this form to receive ongoing updates and invitations to general interest events.

Want to learn more?

You can watch our Advisor Program Intro webinar here!

In this webinar, we’ll share with you what the Advisor Program offers, the direction of our program, core principles, and what to expect throughout the application, screening and acceptance process.

Health Rosetta Advisors commit to complete pricing and compensation transparency and to assist their clients in moving to higher performance benefits offerings. In the program, advisors learn and share valuable strategies, tactics, data, case studies, solutions, and approaches.

About Health Rosetta:
Health Rosetta is an organization focused on creating the blueprint for a 21st-century health system that achieves the quadruple aim of reducing the cost of care, increasing the quality of care, enhancing the patient experience, and improving the clinician/caregiver experience. Following years of research, we have found that the fixes already exist and are in use at forward-leaning employers. To fix our overall healthcare system, our mission is to simplify and replicate the adoption of these fixes.