Resource Library

Below is the list of the current resources available. These will expand rapidly in the coming months in response to the interests of program participants.

NOTE: Many of these are Google Docs. This immensely simplifies version tracking, letting you always access the latest versions. Please comment on any documents where you have ideas for changes. Often you’ll need to download them to use them. To do this go to File > Download As, then select your preferred file type.

Advisor Engagement Opportunities

Deepening your engagement as an advisor: The What, Why, and How-to of our Advisor programming that will maximize your certification, commitment, and market demand. This presentation covers the various programs below that are available to you as an advisor to maximize your certification.
Offering Intro
Gift-a-Membership (GAM) A simple way for employers to learn about the Health Rosetta in a low pressure, high-value environment.
How I Did It
Pass: cohortmembers2018
15-60 minute discussions with Sean. Each discussion focuses on one specific story from implementing innovative Health Rosetta-based approaches.
Breakfast Series (EIAB) 60-90 minute educational events for for prospects, clients, and referral sources to learn about the Health Rosetta.
Vendor Sharing Pool An advisor-sourced vendor pool to help identify vendors to use based on one another's experience.
Book Partnership Page Get a custom page that allows others to order physical books or download a free PDF of The CEO’s Guide or Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call.
Local Chapter Build a Health Rosetta Chapter in your geography to spread the movement.
Book Roadshow Anchor A multi-city road show in conjunction with the release of Dave’s upcoming book, The Opioid Crisis Wake Up Call.
Round Robin Engagement 1:1 video calls to help certified advisors build relationships and exchange knowledge with one another.

Advisor and Client Resources

  1. Certification and Transparency Agreement
    1. Exhibit C - Terms and Conditions
  2. Compensation Disclosure Form
  3. Client Notice
  4. Plan Details Checklist - The basic client information needed to identify where to start implementing Health Rosetta components and strategies.
  5. Health Rosetta Code of Conduct (PDF version)
  6. Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights (PDF version)
  7. Program Pitch Deck Insert Slides (To download, go to File>Download As, then select Powerpoint)
  8. Health Rosetta intro deck - Still in an alpha state
  9. Certified Professional Logos - It may be worth using the larger sizes for email signatures, resizing it when setting up your signature in the email client you use
    1. Email Signatures: 175x32 resolution, transparent background
    2. Smaller Web: 300x55 resolution, transparent background
    3. Larger Web: 1000x186 resolution, transparent background
    4. High-res Print: 4125x757 resolution, transparent background

EPS file: 850x161

PDF’s of Individual The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call Chapters

Coming Soon