Together, we’re changing the benefits purchasing industry one employer at a time. This requires supporting you in growing your practice through attracting new opportunities, differentiating to close new clients, and increasing loyalty of existing clients. We want to help you convert your clients into HR case studies, demonstrating the value that Health Rosetta approaches to benefits can create for all types and sizes of benefits purchasers.

Outside Resources

  1. Predictable Revenue (Aaron Ross) - Not everything here is up to date, but it’s like genesis for learning the general principles for repeatable outbound sales growth
  2. Bridging the Gap - Really good guide for account-based marketing & selling
  1. - Community for modern, tech-enabled sales
  2. - Focused on Software as a Service (SaaS), but the principles are correct
  3. Account-based Selling Resources - A really good compilation by
  4. - Mostly focused on the tech-enabling side of things and automation, but a very good resource for understanding replicability and scaling sales
  5. You Run a Health-Care Business Whether You Like It or Not (Dave Chase)
  1. - free, high-quality stock images
  2. - Freelancers
  1. Outbound automation tools - Yesware, Tout,, Salesloft
  2. List building tools - DiscoverOrg, Lead Genius, Datanyze, Prospectify, LeadIQ, HG Data, RingLead, ZoomInfo
  3. - Free account lets you search and verify 100 email addresses per month

Attracting new opportunities

You now have a provisional Benefits Advisor Certification and can list that on your website, in other marketing materials and in responses to RFPs. You may want to consider issuing a press release and/or sending a notification letter to all of your customers and prospects. Here are a few sample announcements that you can customize to your practice.

Gifting either of these books is a great conversation starter and relationship builder. Leveraging it can be as a simple gift or as part of a partnership with HR on a sophisticated marketing campaign. See a couple gifting ideas here. The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call is Dave’s latest book, drawing heavily on the content and themes from his 2017 best seller, The CEO's Guide to Restoring the American Dream.

You will gain exposure to forward-leaning purchasers through our Certified Professional directory and participating in other Partnered Campaigns, like book gifting campaigns. We’ll also work with you on market education campaigns and other activities that raise awareness and increase adoption of high-performance Health Rosetta benefits.

Acq. Funnel inbound+outbound

Differentiating to win new clients

Your HR Certification provides high expectations, transparency, and deep resources that let you stand out from the status quo. You should use us to help win new clients.

We’ve created a simple plan information and discussion form to gather essential plan information. We’ll then help identify high-potential plan changes for both current and prospective clients.

As you prepare proposals and RFP responses, please reach out to us and the Community to review proposed solutions and get guidance. Not only what to include but how to present it. You will also have access to our library of Case Studies.

When you have a big pitch coming up, we are happy to help you prepare portions related to HR Components and Certification. We’re working on slide templates and other tools you can use explain the benefits of Health Rosetta components and your certification.

The HR Certification Client Notice Form, Certification and Transparency Agreement, Compensation Disclosure Agreement, Code of Conduct, Plan Sponsor Bill of Rights and other documents can help demonstrate the difference that transparency can make in improving the quality and cost of health benefits plans.

We know that part of presenting a complete package to clients is knowing which vendors can be trusted to implement Health Rosetta Components and strategies. We are happy to provide introductions to trusted vendors. In the mid-term, we’ll also launch a transparent marketplace for certified solutions.

No matter what question your clients pose, the network of industry experts you are now part of will likely know the answer. You will be able to learn from others, share your learning, and help raise the tide that raises all ships in our industry.

HR Certification modules will walk you through real-life best practices, not academic theory, for implementing the Health Rosetta Components.

We will be continually developing and sharing strategies, tactics, tools, solutions, and people to keep you at the market forefront.

As our community and programs grow, you will have access to more certifications, to datasets and benchmarks, to on-demand educational resources, and more to keep you at the top of your game.

Retaining current clients

The HR Code of Conduct and high transparency requirements provide clients with assurances that you are acting in their best interests as you guide them through the benefits purchasing process each year. With the trust that comes through this and delivering results to their bottom line, your relationships will continue to deepen.

You will be able to advise your clients to address the necessary items to have an ERISA plan that will ensure the Plan Administrator (the fiduciary) fully adheres to the fiduciary duties. Falling short can put the Plan Administrator at personal financial liability. At stake are millions of dollars for a moderate size self-funded plan.

When you create a 3-5 year benefits cost reduction and quality improvement plan with your clients, you demonstrate that you are committed to their long-term success. As you revise and extend that plan each year, you incorporate yourself further into their purchasing process and perhaps even their annual planning process, establishing yourself as a highly trusted advisor and partner in their business’ success.

Growth Platform

We’ll be discussing this soon, but the short version is that we’re working on infrastructure to help everyone grow their practices more efficiently.