The Phoenix Wake-Up Call:
Ending the Collateral Damage

The healthcare status quo is our country's greatest immediate threat. We need all Americans together to fix it.
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The healthcare status quo is our country’s greatest immediate threat.
We need all Americans together to fix it.


The Wake-Up Call roadshow shines a spotlight on the dysfunction of our nation’s healthcare system and demonstrate how this dysfunction is the root cause of the Opioid Crisis. More importantly, the Wake-Up Call reveals the roles each of us can play in our communities to solve the largest public health crisis in 100 years.

It’s not just a problem for rural America. A 2017 survey by the National Safety Council, a research and advocacy organization, finds that a stunning 70% of employers reported their businesses had been affected by prescription drug abuse through absenteeism, positive drug tests, injuries, accidents and overdoses.

Employers like you are facing the brunt of the crisis. It’s time to act.

At the Phoenix Wake-Up Call, Dave Chase, Health Rosetta co-founder, will convene with local employers, healthcare experts, public officials and prominent business and civic leaders to show attendees the havoc our dysfunctional healthcare system has wreaked on our nation, both in rising healthcare premiums and the country’s opioid crisis. Then, experts will reveal how to stop this collateral damage, saving millions on employee benefits while improving the quality of healthcare in America.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Spooner, Tim
Tim Spooner CEO Spooner Physical Therapy
Dave Cover
Dave Chase Co-Founder Health Rosetta
Bartlett, Marilyn
Marilyn Bartlett #13 on Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders State of Montana
Paul Penzone
Sheriff Paul Penzone Sheriff Maricopa County
Time Ryan
Tim Ryan AE‘s “Dope Man“ Wavelengths Recovery
John Harvey CEO Wincline
Keith Smith
Keith Smith Medical Director Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Phoenix Wake Up Call Program Schedule

May 29, 2019

Arizona Country Club
5668 E Orange Blossom Ln | Phoenix

Learning Objectives for Phoenix Wake-Up Call: Ending the Collateral Damage

The event convenes top industry experts, national thought leaders and business strategists with Arizona employers and health care leadership, public officials and civic leaders to shine a spotlight on the root causes of the current dysfunctional, status-quo U.S. healthcare system and, more importantly, what each of us can do to fix it.


  • Reveal Maricopa County’s community response to the largest public health crisis in nearly 100 years.
  • Learn how employers can be part of the upstream fixes to the Opioid Crisis and larger dysfunction of our U.S. health care system.
  • Identify how we as employers and community leaders can help correct the system through efficient health care purchasing and plan design.
  • Review best practice leadership strategy, policies and benefit models to effectively identify, treat and support the “hidden addiction” in your workforce.
  • Discover how employers can access high-value care at affordable, published prices
  • Identify how employers can play an active role in creating educated, empowered healthcare consumers, with a focus on plan design, communications and technology that directs our workforce to the right care, at the right place, at the right time.


Registration & Breakfast
Meet Our Partners

Phoenix Wake-Up Call: Ending the Collateral Damage

Event Emcee: Tim Spooner, PT
President/CEO, Spooner Physical Therapy

The healthcare status quo is our country's greatest immediate threat. We need all Americans together to fix it.

  • A Community Response to the Opioid Crisis in Maricopa County
    • Sheriff Paul Penzone Sheriff, Maricopa County
  • A Citizens Guide to Restoring Health, Hope and Wellbeing in our Communities
    • Dave Chase Best-selling Author, Co-founder, Health Rosetta
  • The "Future of Healthcare"
    • Keith Smith, M.D., Medical Director, Surgery Center if Oklahoma
  • Break
  • The Hidden Addiction in Your Workforce: Cutting-edge practices of world class organizations to help combat addiction
    • Tim Ryan AE‘s “Dope Man“
  • Ending the Collateral Damage: How One Courageous Leader Helped Montana Go from Red to Millions Ahead
    • Marilyn Bartlett, CPA, #13 on Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders, State of Montana
  • Break
  • BENTALKS: Right Place, Right Care, Right Price: How Healthcare Leaders and Employers Are Working Together to Lower Costs and Improve Care
    • Dave Chase moderates a lively discussion with prominent employers, health care and benefits experts meant to showcase integrated models that achieve the quadruple aim: high value care, lower costs and enhanced patient and physician experience.
  • Everything Worthwhile is Uphill. Healthcare is Local
    • John Harvey, CEO, Wincline

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