Warren T.

Benefits Advising

President & CEO, TrustCare Health

Warren T. Herring is the President & CEO of TrustCare Health. As the founder, he has led the company from a start-up in 2012 to one of the largest independent urgent care groups in Mississippi. TrustCare Health currently owns and operates 7 urgent care facilities and 1 heart clinic in central Mississippi, and continues to expand throughout the state. In 2016, Warren was introduced to direct primary care (DPC) concept and began his journey of building an employer-focused network of DPC clinics (called TrustCare Prime). In 2017, after reading CEO’s Guide to Restoring The American Dream, his eyes were fully opened to the need for structural change in healthcare delivery. Since 2018, TrustCare Prime has become more than a DPC provider by offering benefit consulting services focused on delivering value to the clients they serve.