Trevor Baker

Benefits Advising

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health 2 Business

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Geriatric Physical Therapy, I have experienced and witnessed the pain, chaos and inadequacies of the American healthcare system. I am a healthcare innovator developing ways to assure my community members, neighbors and friends have improved accessibility to healthcare; having meaningful engagements with their provider at an affordable cost to the individual and employer while maintaining adequate reimbursement for the provider with exceptional outcomes. I believe that the provider, meaning the clinician themselves as well as the healthcare system is the solution and feel that the voice of the front line clinician can be valuable as we disrupt the current system we are in and create stabilization resulting in less fear engaging with providers and better overall health and quality of life. I intend to have a lasting impact on my community and region to not only save employers 20-40% on their health plan but to have my community members and friends have a much more valuable and affordable healthcare experience.