Benefits Advising

Managing Director, Higginbotham

First things first: I show up to work for more than just a paycheck. Every day I aim to think and work with purpose, tenacity and selflessness, specifically for the betterment of my family, community, company and clients. Insurance is my chosen craft because insurance is the reason I’m alive. I’ll gladly share with you the story of my insurance agent: he proudly fought for my mom and me when we needed it most, and I’ll never forget how important that was. Today I am blessed to be that for others.

I search tirelessly for savings solutions that will benefit your bottom line from day one. Beyond this, as well as ensuring appropriate coverage and navigating the headaches of claims and healthcare reform, I foster community relationships that better your company and bring you closer to the people and resources that can improve your situation. I’ve worked hard at earning the trust of my community, company and clients. Now, let me show you the powerful benefits of having me on your team. Oh, and one more thing: I love to fish!