Rick Moen

Benefits Advising

Producer/Advisor, Andreini & Company

“Rick entered the insurance industry after a seven year teaching career. He began as a financial advisor, working with retirement plans., where he still holds six securities licenses. In 2005, he entered the insurance brokerage world, and received his Certified Insurance Counselor designation in 2006.
Community mindedness has been a reality from the start. Rick found a niche in not-for-profits, so he has been closely connected to his community through these relationships. Health Rosetta’s focus on community-owned health plans aligns perfectly with Rick’s way of doing business. The reality of offering employers and community leaders the choice to save 20-40% on medical spend, while providing enhanced benefits to employees, is something that drives Rick to be a change agent in his community.
Rick is board chair at his local church, where he also invests his time and talents.”