Marc Wilson

Benefits Advising

CEO, The Wesmarc Group

Marc Wilson’s passion is to positively impact the health and wealth of organizations and their employees. Marc has over 12 years of experience working in the employee benefits industry. He believes that there is a better way for employers to deliver high-quality healthcare at a lower cost to their employees. He launched The Wesmarc Group after realizing that the traditional health insurance model with misaligned incentives was contributing to the problem in our healthcare system.

The Wesmarc Group is a transparent fee-based consulting firm that helps organizations retake control and reclaim precious capital so that they can reinvest in their company, people, corporate social responsibility or cause. The Wesmarc Group identifies unrecognized financial opportunities that are “trapped” inside operating expenses as excess funding or over insuring and then help you manage risk, recover millions, free up cash flow, and show you how to invest in your organization’s healthcare system so that your employees will have more access to higher quality care at lower costs while increasing your bottom line.