George Loebig

Benefits Advising

Consultant, Jordan Dynamics Inc

I’m a Senior Employee Benefits Consultant at JDI Group, with over 15 years of experience in transforming employee benefits programs into efficient, cost-saving, and tailored solutions.

My focus areas include:

Transparency: Providing clear communication and honest advice to help you navigate the complex world of benefits with confidence and understanding.

Cost Savings: Employing strategic approaches to maximize value and minimize expenses for both your organization and your employees.

My expertise encompasses:

Designing strategic benefits plans that align with your business goals and enhance employee satisfaction.
Negotiating contracts to secure the best possible deals, ensuring cost-efficiency and comprehensive coverage.
Leading smooth and successful open enrollment processes, making it easy for employees to make informed decisions.
Utilizing data analytics to guide decision-making and uncover hidden efficiencies.
Building lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and insurance carriers to foster trust and collaboration.
With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the employee benefits landscape, I am dedicated to delivering solutions that drive positive outcomes for your organization.