Benefits Advising

President, Hartin Dynamics

Dennis has a unique passion for helping others, whether in his profession, community or circle of friends and family. Hartin Dynamics is the culmination of years of service to his clients, finding ways to make their lives better and more profitable.

Dennis started his insurance career way back in 1994 and was quickly moved up the ranks with a national carrier, serving at every level.

Dennis has a unique passion for helping others, whether in his profession, community, or circle of friends and family. Born in KY and locating to Tampa in 2014 with his wife and two boys.

He founded Hartin Dynamics in Jan if 2018 doing anything necessary to help his clients attract and retain the best talent. He has recently been written up in Benefits Pro Magazine along with multiple national speaking engagements for 2020 based on his unique approach to benefits and employee engagement. He is one of the few Health Rosetta Advisors helping duplicate proven solutions to lower costs and improve care. He has been asked to participate in Synapse Summit 2020 solving for Health Care in the Tampa Bay Area. He is a contributor to a 2020 Amazon bestseller for sales and marketing called “Winning Sales Attitudes”. His newest book 25 Changemakers in Florida is coming out in Feb 2021.

He currently serves on multiple boards including Keystone Prep High School, Autism Shifts the Florida Association of Health Underwriters and Children’s Dream Racer as well as National Center for Performance Health. His current efforts align Dynamic solutions that assist in training the neuro diverse, comforting children with cancer and the growing mental health epidemic.