Together We Can Simplify Adoption of High-Performance Health Plans

Health Rosetta is creating and partnering to make foundational resources, standards, codesets, and tools for building and adopting high-performance health plans free and publicly available.

We focus on resources in three foundational categories that all high-performing health plans need to effectively tackle.

1. Procurement

Success starts with selecting the right partners to help strategize, implement, and manage a high-performance plan. From advisors to plan administrators to targeted solutions, the path to success starts here.

2. Contracting

Contracts memorialize best practices, set expectations, create accountability, and reduce risk for everyone. They're a weapon for separating the talkers from the walkers.

3. Data Use

Accessing and intelligently using data gives you superpowers for making effective decisions to improve any health plan. Being able to navigate the immense complexity of health plan data is the first step to this.

Fiduciary Best Practices

Strong procurement processes, contracts, and data use are the foundation for the effective fiduciary oversight that leads to high-performing health plans. Tackling these topics equips plans to better fulfill increasingly scrutinized fiduciary duties related to health benefits, reducing organizational, regulatory, clinical, and financial risk.

Open source resource libraries make know-how free, publicly available, and easier to use.

Open sourcing is a deeply powerful way to expand access to valuable knowledge. Many powerful tools (such as the internet) exist because people open sourced valuable knowledge. Health Rosetta and our partners are committed to open sourcing the key resources, standards, code sets, and tools that simplify building and adopting high performance health plans.

We're starting by beta testing a few resources that help solve common needs.

We have ambitious goals to create the broadest and deepest open source resource libraries available. We're starting with a beta test of some specific high-impact resources.

As we collect feedback and build the infrastructure to create, maintain, and distribute these libraries on an ongoing basis, we'll greatly expand the scope of each resource library.

A categorized list of questions to ask in RFPs curated from top domain experts, advisors, employers, vendors, and others.

A checklist for negotiating the terms of an Administrative Services Agreement with a Plan Administrator of a self-funded plan. It can be used with large national carriers and independent plan administrators

A library of model clauses for key contractual issues that should be addressed in Administrative Services Agreements with potential plan administrators.

Understand the moving pieces required to access the claims and other data necessary to effectively manage your plan, as well as meet new compliance requirements.

How to Get Started With These Resources

Progress and adoption will accelerate as committed individuals and organizations use, contribute to, and help develop resource libraries.


Start using the current resources in your plan, with your clients' plans, or to differentiate your organization in the market.


Open source your expertise and resources you've already developed to make current and future resources better and stronger.

Help Develop

Proactively get involved in creating, maintaining, and distributing resources libraries.


Help fund creating, maintaining, and distributing open source resources.

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