Health Rosetta Certifications

The Good Housekeeping stamp of approval for 21st century benefits

We're creating an ecosystem of trust, transparency, and expertise.

Starting with benefits advisors.


Benefits consultants, benefits professionals, topical experts, and others that drive costs and outcomes.

Products & Services

Elements of health plans, health plans, technologies, and service & care providers.


The physical places that drive costs and outcomes, like specific communities, schools, and even towns.

Think of it as LEED for purchasing high-performance health benefits.

Benefits Advisor Certification

The stamp of approval for 21st century benefits advisors.

Develop top-notch expertise

Learn valuable strategies, tactics, data, case studies, solutions, and approaches curated from high performing benefits purchasers and consultants.

Stand out

It can be hard to stand out in a crowded, commoditized market. Health Rosetta certified advisors substantively stand out from the noise.